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Thread: Canadian PR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie99 View Post
    I saw a chart on page 1 of the Report of Business, the Globe and Mail (the hard copy of Sep 12, 2015 edition, of the newspaper), but unable to find it online.

    The source of the statistics and bar charts are from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, DBRS and StatsCan.

    Allow me to provide a summary:

    2014 Immigration to Canada by City

    Toronto, 29% (Toronto was the top destination for 260,400 permanent residents who immigrated to Canada in 2014)
    Montreal, 16%
    Vancouver, 11%
    Calgary, 8%
    the rast of Canada, 36%

    Unemployment Rate by Level of Education (Immigrants who have been here 5 years or less) versus those born in Canada

    No degree: Immigrants, unemployment rate almost 14% versus Born in Canada 12%

    High School: Immigrants 12% versus Born in Canada 6%

    Post secondary education certificate or diploma: Immigrants 10% versus Born in Canada 5%

    University degree: Immigrants 12% versus Born in Canada 3%

    The numbers don't lie I can say that for sure. When you come to Canada your previous qualifications mean nothing when trying to look for a job. I suspect the post secondary group are the trades people which makes it a little easier.

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    many chinese in vancouver

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    iGoal Forum
    Quote Originally Posted by FPaulStanley View Post
    many chinese in vancouver
    This is just one of my many bookmark for PAP IB LOSERS in SBF and it was created in 2012. And there will be no truce to this.

    Yao Siu Kia Mainlanders Bo Ka Si !
    China born new shittyzens bring along their bad habits with them !

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