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Thread: Should John Tan Go To PJ To Learn From Sifu How To Earn 57% Returns Every Year?

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    Default Should John Tan Go To PJ To Learn From Sifu How To Earn 57% Returns Every Year?

    Ever wondered how some people make money effortlessly while others struggle to make ends meet?

    It’s simply because while most of us choose to work hard in our jobs to attain a higher salary, there are some who recognise that job security is not guaranteed and they choose to build multiple streams of passive income instead; which eventually outperforms their current salary.

    Good news is… growing your money passively is no longer just a rich man’s game. Anyone can be in the same playing field if equipped with the right strategies & know-how.

    You will be glad to know that Adam Khoo, Self-Made Millionaire by the Age of 26, will be sharing his secrets of how he achieved financial freedom before 50 leveraging on multiple streams of passive income and growing his money by over 57% every year consistently through investments and how you can achieve the same success by duplicating his tested and proven strategies using just 30 mins a day in this upcoming sponsored 3-hour Wealth Academy
    Lite Workshop.

    Learn How You Can Create Another Source Of Consistent Income

    From The Stock Market Using These Proven Recession-Proof Investing Skills
    At Adam Khoo’s Wealth Investing Workshop, get ready to take notes and equip yourself with the skills when you discover his proven stock investing strategies that will outperform your current income and make your money grow multiple times more than what you are currently earning now – while doing lesser! This truly is one of the unspoken secrets of how to win in the money game, which unfortunately, were never taught in schools but NOW is your chance.
    YOUR SPEAKER ADAM KHOO: There’s A Reason Why He’s Been Called ‘The’ Millionaire-Maker

    ADAM KHOO is a serial entrepreneur, renowned author, and a professional stock investor and FX trader. Adam first made national news headlines when he became a self-made millionaire at the age of 26, making him one of the youngest millionaires in Singapore. He is the national bestselling author of 15 books including Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, Secrets of Millionaire Investors, Profit From The Panic and Winning The Game of Stocks. His achievements have been widely featured in the media such as The Straits Times, Business Times, Channel News Asia, Channel 5, Channel 8, The Malaysia Sun and many more.

    Adam will share his investing strategy used by his students to generate consistent profits from the stock markets… and this strategy can be easily applied even if you are a complete beginner!
    Here’s what he will be covering in detail:

    The winning formula to achieve your first million in the shortest possible time by simply investing 10% of your salary into a sound investment plan that produces consistent profits during good or bad times

    How the professionals use a systematic 6-step approach to spot undervalued stocks that can potentially fetch 50% returns or more in less than 6 days!

    Why 5 minutes is all it takes to determine whether and when to BUY or SELL a stock using a powerful trading indicator

    Why you should not accept anything lesser than 12% return on investments especially if you just started investing

    What should investors look out for when diversifying their investment portfolio to maximize profits while minimizing risk


    A New System To Profit In Both Good And Bad Times

    Do something meaningful. Join the grassroots. Peoples' Association all the way!

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    Default Re: Should John Tan Go To PJ To Learn From Sifu How To Earn 57% Returns Every Year?

    57% is impressive? ok then

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    Default Re: Should John Tan Go To PJ To Learn From Sifu How To Earn 57% Returns Every Year?

    It's something about fools and their money.

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