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Thread: Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

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    Talking Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

    The project is now about 94% completion, but Vietnamese govt testers' official acceptance inspection discovered that the measured amount of sinking is exceeded the engineering specification allowance. There are other quality issues with the road as well.

    日本斥巨资援建的越南跨海大桥 还未竣工已下沉
    2017年07月15日 21:33 环球时报


      据越南快讯(VnExpress)报道,由日本投资建造的越南最长跨海大桥——新武—沥县跨海大桥虽然 还没有全部完工,但近日越南国家验收委员会验收结果表明:其工程存在质量问题,似乎已经在下沉了。。。。。。
    图片来源:越南网 桥墩采用V型设计图片来源:越南网 桥墩采用V型设计

      新武—沥县跨海大桥项目是越南北部首个国际中转港——沥县国际海港的两个基建项目之一。该桥是越南最长 的跨海大桥,也是东南亚地区最大的跨海大桥。

      这座新武 — 沥县跨海大桥投资总额11.849万亿越盾(约合5.6亿美元),而其中的约10万亿越盾(约合人民币33 亿元)是由日本政府提供的有偿援助
    ▲从2011年起,日本政府前后三次对越南政府提供有偿援助▲从2011年起,日本政府前后三次对越南政府 提供有偿援助


      据了解,新武—沥县跨海大桥的构造为,航路上的主桥,位于海防市海安一侧的安装桥15架,处于新国际港 吉海一侧的安装桥2架,由总共18架构成。其中海上段长度5.4千米,土木段为10.2千米,总计15.6 千米(我国的杭州湾大桥全长36公里),设有双向4车道,时速达80公里。

      这座跨海大桥原计划8月底通车,截至验收前,施工单位已完成工作总量的94%,跨海大桥主体部分已基本完工 。但在本次工程验收中,越南国家验收委员会发现该工程仍存在一些质量问题:部分路面平整度未达标;桥面接缝 不佳;部分沥青路面松散;桥头段下沉超出预期……

      面对令人堪忧的大桥质量,越南交通运输部下属二号项目管理委员会代表范洪山先生(Phạm Hồng Sơn)在相关发言中表示,各有关部门正在根据越南国家验收委员会本次验收意见,解决新武—沥县跨海大桥工 程目前存在的质量问题。增加人力物力,完善工程质量、保证通车安全。

    标签: 越南跨海大桥日本援建

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    Default Re: Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

    Good Idea!

    Must get Sumitomo to re-build Istana & 38 Oxley Road.

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    Default Re: Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

    More likely, no under table money. Heard underground mrt in hanoi suffering same delays. Also japanese contractors who refuse to pay anything.

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    Default Re: Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

    In Spore we don't have just a single bridge having problems. We've had a tunnel collapsing & causing a death. We also have examples of quality issues with our MRT system, falling windows, pieces of HDB flats falling off, leaking MRT stations, fires, door falling, elevators hurting people, ....

    Thank god that Spore is corruption free , otherwise we would have even more problems
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    Default Re: Sumitomo built Vienam's longest bridge sinking before hand-over -cry?

    hope our smrt boss will recommend some of the best cable ties from mustaffa to alleviate the problem temporarilee.

    then a leeder will say that no amt of engineering can prevent this.

    and another intercede that bridge is not sinking but water is rising

    whilst a senior leeder will say that if it dont sink, he worry

    then will have a overpaid poke face ministar to come out and ask why voters r angry

    and our smrt boss will recommend not eveyone can b on the bridge at the same time

    and another snake will come out to explore the various option of sinking

    then all FAP cock suckers will come out and blast the viet oppies for causing the bridge to sink

    and they continue to squabble among the viet sibling and decided to stop the sinking fund as a first measure

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