There is obviously a demand for passive investments i.e. index funds.
You can easily purchase US index funds like the Vanguard ETF index funds if you have an account with a US broker like ThinkorSwim or OptionsXpress. Both of these companies have a Spore office so it's easy to open an account.

However what do you do if you don't want to open a US trading account but still want to buy such index funds
I found out that although Vanguard has a Spore office they do not have a licence to deal directly with end users, only with investment companies & banks.

I found out about a new company that was recently opened. This company is named Smartly

They are using an automated system to purchase index funds for their clients. So their costs to the end uses are low. Their annual service charge are as follows:

1% if you investment total is less than $10,000
0.7% if your investment is betwee, 10,001 and up to $100,000
0.5% If your investments are more than $100,000

You can invest in $50 increments of more, it's all up to you.
They are a local company & are regulated by MAS regulations.

Their fees look reasonable but what do people think
I've got a US broker so I don't need to use them but I'm curious what others think