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Thread: KFC in ORD mood, busy packing...

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    Default KFC in ORD mood, busy packing...

    The silence of KFC is deafening...not a squeak...and totally silent...

    Heng ah, his nephew and niece did not bring up the matter earlier...

    Now he can say he will leave it to Halimah or whoever...

    Do we deserve a report of his achievements for all the money he sucked from us...?

    During the London Olympics, he said that it was the highlight of his presidency.....

    Like dat aso can meh

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    Default Re: KFC in ORD mood, busy packing...

    A Muppet dog will only bark when the tail is pulled.
    Right now he's just licking bones like the useless dog he is.

    Traitor Pappies, may you outlive your offspring.
    Lanjiao Loong, Cheebye Chui. Whip your corpse!

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    Default Re: KFC in ORD mood, busy packing...

    he asking ...

    stil got oni a few mor months 2 leave ... y cant let him leave peacefully ...

    ... juz another 3.5224¢ worth ... (gst 7%, inflation 8% (2008) n tariff 21% (2008), 23.32% (2010), 9.8%(2011) incl.) ...
    fr n original, humble 2¢ ... u now got a whopping 3.5224¢ worth fr me! ...
    tis value is fully guaranteed (wun morning say dun guarantee & @ nite say guarantee) ...

    world cup 2014 chiobu n colorful fans updated: 2day
    octopus regina makes world cup 2014 predictions updated: 25jun

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