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Thread: nabay PEANUT GOH ALSO know how to PRATA

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    Default nabay PEANUT GOH ALSO know how to PRATA

    GCT just posted a confusing message on his FB

    I have read DPM Teo Chee Hean’s statement explaining the setting up of the ministerial committee to study the future status of 38 Oxley Road. Sometime last year, he had shared with me the range of options he was exploring. I advised him to respect Lee Kuan Yew’s wish but agreed that it would be disrespectful of our own heritage to just demolish the house for it to be replaced by a commercial building or another private residence.

    I support the careful way in which DPM and the Government is handling the issue as public interests are involved. He is right to explore options beyond the binary demolish-preserve decision. I conveyed his thinking to Lee Hsien Yang last year but the latter remained unhappy over the delay and uncertainty in demolishing the house.

    It is not worth tearing up family bonds built over a lifetime over these differences, however serious they are. This is not the family legacy which their father would have wanted to leave behind.

    Singaporeans can urge them to settle their dispute amicably in private or through closed–door arbitration. ---gct

    cheesepie Peanut Goh, u ask we sinkies to advise THEM to SLOW TALK

    why DUN u FARK PROSTATE LEE instead


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    Default Re: nabay PEANUT GOH ALSO know how to PRATA

    It can be done only lhl resign his pmship.

    Strip off pm power than talk like real family matter.

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