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Thread: Archaic laws and stupid mata mata

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    Default Archaic laws and stupid mata mata

    When mata mata do not know how to deal with rogues, they might as well leave them alone instead of making fools of themselves.

    This case where the deceased was whacked by a group with deadly weapon (or weapons) until he died ought to have been classified as a case of murder. Using a deadly weapon to whack someone until he mati, and still a rioting charge? This is a joke.

    A 31-year-old man died on Wednesday (April 19) after being hit by other men at a carpark in the Clarke Quay area last Sunday (April 16)....
    All those who participated in the attack, where deadly weapon was used and the victim died, should be charged with murder. This should send a strong message to groupies that every one of them is held criminally liable for common intention in crime committed especially where their victims died or seriously injured as a result of their criminal act.

    Otherwise, if someone wanted to kill Ali, he should not do it alone because if Ali was killed, he would face the murder charge. A smart dude would get a groupie to attack Ali and kill him, and the archaic laws and stupid pappies would only send the attackers to prison, not to the gallows.

    How to kill someone and still live to roam free?

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    Default Re: Archaic laws and stupid mata mata

    well I asked the same question in the other thread. chow chow oso s299 culpable homicide, right?

    got elite kids involved? just guessing..

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