Important PMD (public transportation), road use facts for LTA, TP to consider.

On the footpath:
LTA should impose travel on left, overtake on right rule on both cyclist and pedestrians. Just like on roads, there must be directional order on the foot path. This is especially necessary to allow for efficient use of foot paths because due to the number of strokes, poor eyesight, dialysis and amputations amongst the high population of diabetics in Singapore, foot paths will become mini roads with electric wheelchairs and scooters plying more often. Just like cyclist, pedestrians who use footpaths in an inconsiderate/ reckless manner or people who dump garbage/ trash bins blocking footpaths would be subject to a fine/ other punishment.

On roads:
Bus + Bicycle lane sharing: Mexico is ahead of Singapore where bicycle/ PMD infrastructure is concerned:
LTA and traffic police officers should patrol on bicycle (both uniformed and plain clothes) and senior staff in both these departments (incl. CEO) should have their performance tied to their on road cycling mileage to work a (at least 10-20% on bicycle/ 50% on public transportation); reckless motorist, illegal parking offenders can be captured on officer's attached helmet cams (e.g. go-pro) and roads can become more cyclist friendly as policy makers and law enforces personally test and police their efforts at making Singapore more green and bicycle friendly. All obese traffic policemen and LTA staffers should cycle/ run at least 100kms/ month (besides running, only the on road cycling portion will be bonus$ attributable).

Bus lanes should be renamed Bus + Bicycle lanes, operate 24/7 and be made sufficiently wide for buses to overtake single file cyclist with a safe 2m side overtaking safety clearence distance. Only emergency and other registered forms of public transport vehicles re allowed to use bus/ bicycle lanes to travel.

TP and LTA should take these suggestions very seriously since just as lithium battery powers the advanced smart phones of today, energy efficient lithium battery powered motors will make PMDs the most utilitarian and effective means of public transport for all (those needing exercise can still stick to the humble bicycle).

With lithium battery power, e-bicycles (with some input from rider) are able to travel up to 80+ kms per charge which can cover most journeys in Singapore:
How far can you typically go on a charge?
.... I've seen some electric bikes with that same "360 watt hour" battery capacity reach 50+ miles per charge on a low level of assistance (equivalent to half of the rider's pedal power output). That's pretty amazing to me.
Relative carbon efficiency of different transportation means:
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Encouraging cycling as a popular mode of transportation and key to fitness should be a key strategy in the war against diabetes:
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Too many Singaporeans are suffering from chronic diseases which make them more suited to be hospital patients rather than active and employable PMETs. The days of the employable PMET are numbered as employers begin to find them untrainable and unadaptable due to senility/ silent strokes due to chronic disease the consequence of unhealthy lifestyles. "As of 2010, more than half of Singapore's adult population between 18 and 69 years old have high cholesterol, four in 10 are overweight or obese, a quarter have prediabetes or diabetes and about one in five has hypertension."

Akan Datang, Majulah Singapura:
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