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Thread: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Ah Boys To Men 4 Features Apple Chan as Franchise’s First Female Officer.

    Ah Boys To Men, Singapore’s most successful franchise, will be back for its fourth instalment in Q4 2017. In this movie, the most notable addition to the already extensive cast is newcomer Apple Chan, who will play Lieutenant Zhang XinYi.

    The ensemble from the previous three films will be back for another army-themed adventure, this time with the Singapore Armoured Regiment. Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Charlie Goh, Noah Yap and Jaspers Lai will reprise their roles, along with newcomers Ryan Lian, Kishan J., Hafiz Aziz and Chan.

    The sequel will focus on the characters’ lives after leaving the military and when are called back to serve the nation again under the Singapore Armed Forces’ Armoured Formation. They must juggle between work and their reservist duties.

    Asked how Apple landed the role, director Jack Neo shared the actress turned up for the open casting call earlier this year and was chosen out of hundreds of candidates. “It was important that the actress was able to carry out the physical performance of an army officer, so the fact that Apple has an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) background is very useful,” Neo said.

    He added: “In terms of acting, she managed to deliver what is expected.” Some may recognise this new female lead, for Apple has appeared in Hong Kong TV dramas such as ‘Come Home Love’ and ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’.

    Xin Yi is Apple’s first role in a Singaporean movie. She shared that even though her scenes hadn’t been shot yet, just putting on the army uniform for the press conference already made her feel so much more confident and proud to be a part of the franchise.

    Officer Xin Yi will, thus, be representing the many female officers in the Singapore army - the one group that was previously overlooked in the first three Ah Boys films. “There are actually a lot of female officers in the army, more so in the Armour unit and we want to reflect that portion in this movie. Female officers have a different approach in handling a situation, including handling the NSmen that she’s in charge of… we have prepared some special scenes for Apple,” revealed Neo.

    The male cast members also agreed that having Apple on board would hopefully change people’s perspective of the army and inspire more Singaporean women to consider joining the army, just as how the first three Ah Boys To Men movies did to many young male Singaporeans.

    “There are many female officers in the army, and I think it’s time for us to represent them,” said Zhang, who will reprise his role as Sergeant Alex Ong.

    “It’s great to have an ‘Ah Girl’ with us."

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Hafiz Aziz? A Muslim Malay plus one female AI PC? Cannot get any more wrong than that. The saf liaison officer an idiot.
    FTrashs are killing Singaporeans.......

    Precision, Speed, Accuracy

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Quote Originally Posted by jw5 View Post
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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Apple Chan's name is an oxymoron.

    Quote Originally Posted by po2wq View Post
    苹果橙 ... ... ...

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Nobody will remember this movie the after they leave the cinema.

    Quote Originally Posted by sleaguepunter View Post
    Hafiz Aziz? A Muslim Malay plus one female AI PC? Cannot get any more wrong than that. The saf liaison officer an idiot.

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Oon Shu An plays the Chief Of Army in a play.

    There’s A Sequel For Your Favourite Childhood Singaporean Movie

    But you won’t catch it on the silver screen.

    from Cleo online

    If you remember doubling over Army Daze as a child, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the well-loved comedy is back for a second instalment. Only, this time round, it will be adapted into a play, like it originally was.

    Army Daze 2, featuring a brand new script by Michael Chiang, will be staged at the Drama Centre from Aug 4 to 20.

    Chiang wanted to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the comedy in a big way and while he originally toyed with the idea of restaging the play, he decided to create a sequel instead – one which provides updates on the the lives of the familiar Army Daze characters 30 years on.

    Army Daze began as a novel, which was published in 1985. Two years later, it was adapted into a play with the script penned by Chiang. The play has enjoyed six stagings, with the most recent one in 2013.

    “We had to discuss how to contemporise the story. For instance, we now have a social media influencer and a female Chief of Army,” she says during a press conference held at Raffles City yesterday.

    “With all these additions, the army experience is still very much universal in Singapore and everyone has encountered it through family members, loved ones and neighbours. I think this is what makes the play so timeless.”

    In Army Daze 2, main character Malcolm Png is now a Singapore Armed Forces regular, whose son Justin is about to enter the army.

    As for Png’s lovable posse, fans will learn how their paths have diverged. Teo Ah Beng is now an entrepreneur, while the stylish Kenny Pereira has become a renowned interior designer. The easy-going Johari Salleh runs a fast-food chain serving ayam penyet and Krishnamoorthi has made a name for himself as an architect.

    The five meet for the first time after three decades and, as expected, hilarity ensues.

    Featuring five original songs by Don Richmond, the play boasts a star-studded cast, including Hossan Leong, Ebi Shankara, Joshua Lim, Shane Mardjuki, Chua Enlai, Audrey Luo, Jo Tan, Saiful Amri and Oon Shu An.

    Leong, who will reprise his role as Malcolm, whom he played in 2006, shared how the character’s journey has paralleled his own.

    “When we meet Malcolm again, he’s married with a son in the army and I think, in some ways, it parallels my life as I have companies to run and people under me. Like Malcolm, I’m now a boss and I also have responsibilities. He is truly a seminal character and it’s been great being able to reprise the character.”

    Acknowledging the enduring legacy of the first instalment, Chiang says: “Looking back, what makes me proud of Army Daze is not so much how far it has come, but how people have embraced it as their own. It’s really Singapore’s Army Daze. With National Service celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, it just makes the sequel even more meaningful.”

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Interview with Oon Shu An.

    Oon Shu An

    Tell us more about your character in Army Daze 2.

    My character BG Wong is the first female Chief of Army in Singapore, which is bound to cause some waves. A lot of people don’t know how to react to it, because she’s a woman in that position in such a male-dominated industry.

    Are you doing any special preparations for the role?

    One of the things I’ll be working on is the sense of authority, gravitas and age. I also need to find out more about the chain of command in the army and how they speak by watching interviews with real-life BGs and colonels.

    You recently played another military character in Yes Mdm…

    Yeah, I keep being in uniform! Actually, it was my dream to join the army when I was younger because I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, then I grew up and realised the kind of work involved. (laughs) But I love the military.

    What would you say is your biggest challenge or concern about this production?

    To act my character’s age and making people believe that she’s actually someone who can lead the army.

    Since this production takes place 30 years from the original, where do you hope you’ll be 30 years from now, and did you think you’d be where you are now 30 years ago?

    I hope I’ll still be creating Singaporean work, working with people who are amazing at what they do, and hopefully, I’ll have created something [bigger] from [my one-woman show] #UnicornMoment. But the biggest thing is I want to be happy at 60.

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Who is this chio-bu who’ll be acting in Ah Boys To Men 4?

    From Sure Boh Singapore website

    On July 5, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) announced that the cast of Ah Boys To Men 4 and will be back on the silver screen this November for the fourth instalment of the film series.

    Photos of the artistes were posted on Mindef’s Facebook page against a backdrop of armoured vehicles at Sungei Gedong Camp during the movie’s lensing ceremony.

    Apart from the familiar faces however, there was a new addition to the list of celebrities.

    One photo featured a gorgeous actress in an SAF uniform in front of a Bionix tank.

    Like many, you’ll probably be wondering how this new ‘chio bu’ will feature in Jack Neo’s next local film.

    According to the caption on the photo, she is the female lead in the form of Lieutenant Zhang Xinyi. In the show, she is an armour infantry officer.

    The actress playing that role is Apple Chan. The 28-year-old is a Hong Kong-based artiste who grew up in Singapore.

    Although she has not been through national service, she has heard countless stories of the SAF from her friends and brother.

    Said Apple: “All my friends went through NS, so I always hear stories about their training.

    “I’ve also been to Pulau Tekong twice – when my brother and ex-boyfriend enlisted.

    “I’ve always supported NS, and I always tell people in Hong Kong that it’s a very good thing for Singapore to have NS, because guys will grow and become more mature. I’m very proud to be a part of this now.”

    In the next Ah Boys to Men movie, fans will see a grown-up side of the boys as they juggle In-Camp Training with girlfriends, wives and children.

    Said director Jack Neo: “This year is NS50, an important event not just for the nation but every Singaporean as well. So I came up with the idea (of featuring a reservist unit).

    “Over the last 50 years, NS has reached a stage where it’s no longer what we knew it to be. I see so much improvement. The training is also different. And that’s a good thing. It’s the right timing for the movie.”

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Army Daze 2 in Singapore: The beloved local theatre production reports back for duty this August

    from thehoneycombers

    When it comes to ‘coming of age’ literature, Singapore will always have Army Daze, the famous local play created by Michael Chiang

    Everyone, report for duty! One of Singapore’s most iconic plays – created by Michael Chiang – is coming back with a long-awaited sequel, 30 years after Army Daze debuted on stage. Army Daze 2 will see old characters return, now as proper, working adults while a new generation of recruits take their places serving the nation.

    Why was this play such a knockout success? Army Daze boldly took stabs at the mandatory rite of passage of every able-bodied man in Singapore, capturing the attention of the nation with this comedic yet meaningful parody. And decades later, many of its themes and jokes still ring true, as you’re about to find out in its long-awaited sequel.

    Original Army Daze recruit, Malcolm Png, returns as an SAF regular this time and is sending his son off to National Service. It will all be a rush of nostalgia as he regroups with his old platoon of quirky but lovable characters to reminisce about the salad days.

    The play will feature talented homegrown actors like Hossan Leong, Shane Mardjuki, Chua Enlai, Oon Shu An, Ebi Shankara, and more. 16-year old singing sensation from X Factor Australia, Natalie Ong, will be making her theatre debut on Army Daze 2 as well. It’s a long-awaited event so we suggest you don’t own time, own target when buying tickets!

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Interview: Meet Oon Shu An, the actress making international waves

    from mariefranceasia online

    Oon Shu An is no stranger to the general public and the local population. From hosting her own web-show Tried and Tested on ClickNetwork, to having viral videos covered by Buzzfeed, it might seem like she has done it all. Within the local entertainment scene, she has carved a name for herself as someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the underdog and voice her opinions, making thought-provoking articles and videos that explore the inner workings of her mind. And she does it all with a bright smile on her face, the one that has given her that girl-next-door charm that’s absolutely endearing.

    But, she is more than just a voice amongst the people. As an actress, first and foremost, she has regularly appeared on our screens, with parts in Singaporean feature and short films, as well as in television shows and on stage. Though she might have recently made her mark on our radars with her web-show and her appearance in Netflix’s Marco Polo, she has actually been acting since she was 14. But, of course she’s more than just that — so let’s learn what she has to say!

    Marie France Asia: You went from shooting YouTube videos, to being on stage for Boeing-Boeing. How do you apprehend performing in front of a live audience?

    Oon Shu An: Actually, I practically grew up in the theatre. My parents sent me to speech and drama classes when I was a kid because I was shy, I was in the drama club all through Secondary school and JC, and then I went to the LASALLE College of the Arts BA Acting course. If anything, it was more of a challenge adapting to the online world!

    MFA: What was the biggest wow moment when you worked on Netflix’s Marco Polo?

    O.S.A: The sheer number of people there from all over the world was insane! I remember when I went to the stunt tent to train for my sword dance, there were people from 13 countries, all specialists in different areas.

    MFA: You perform in comedies but also post content with a cause on your social media channels, have you ever considered mixing both?

    O.S.A.: Maybe one day! I’m not sure if I post things “with a cause” necessarily. They’re generally just things I care about, and I am very mindful not to be preachy when I post things. I think when it comes to posting content, the most important thing is to be authentic, so if the two things fit and feel authentic, absolutely!

    MFA: Can you name a local and an international actress you would like to work with?

    O.S.A.: I love Karen Tan. I would love to work with her again soon. She brings such compassion and humanity to her characters. And Michelle Yeoh. I idolised her. Grace and power.

    MFA: Your advice on starting an acting career in Singapore?

    O.S.A.: Haha wow that’s a tough one! I think people enter this line through so many different avenues! I guess the main thing is to just start auditioning!

    MFA: After Boeing-Boeing, any upcoming projects?

    O.S.A.: We’ve started rehearsals for Army Daze 2 and that starts in August! I play the Chief of Army, so that will be a big jump from the SQ stewardess! We went through the music the other day, the songs were so funny I couldn’t stop laughing! And then I have a filming project after that that starts in September. Oh and Meet the MP is still playing on Channel 5 so don’t forget to tune in for that!

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Woman officer is Major Veronica Tan promoted to LTC.

    From mindef website:

    Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen interacting with ME5 Richard Goh, MAJ Veronica Tan, LTC(NS) Ridzuan Bin Ismail, SWO Neo Chee Wee, MAJ(NS) Terence Quek, and MWO Sathiamoorthy S/O Shanamugam at the SAF Promotion Ceremony held.

    The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is promoting 399 Officers, 76 Military Experts (ME), and 44 Warrant Officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force to the next higher rank this year. The promoted personnel include Regulars and Operationally Ready National Servicemen.

    At a promotion ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) this evening, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen presented certificates to personnel promoted to the ranks of Senior Warrant Officer (SWO), Chief Warrant Officer (CWO), ME7, Colonel (COL), Brigadier-General (BG), Rear-Admiral (RADM) (One-Star) and Rear-Admiral (RADM) (Two-Star). Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General Perry Lim presented certificates to personnel promoted to the ranks of Master Warrant Officer (MWO), ME6, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) and Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC). Also present at the ceremony were spouses of the promoted personnel as well as senior MINDEF and SAF officers.

    The promotees for this year include the Chief of Navy RADM Lew Chuen Hong who is promoted to the rank of RADM (Two-Star), as well as Chief Executive Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Mr Tan Peng Yam who is promoted to the grade of E12 under the DSTA scheme. In addition, five colonels are promoted to the rank of BG and RADM (One-Star). Among the list of warrant officers promoted this year, two senior warrant officers are promoted to the pinnacle rank of CWO.

    The SAF promotion exercise is part of the continual process to recognise, reward and groom officers, MEs and warrant officers who have performed well and demonstrated potential to contribute further to the SAF. The promotions will take effect from 1 July 2017.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnTan View Post

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Real men don't look down on women in the SAF

    John Lui
    Film Correspondent
    Published Jul 16, 2017, 5:00 am SGT
    straitstimes online

    My report on actress playing an officer in Ah Boys To Men 4 movie draws a host of sexist comments

    Lately, I've noticed something.

    The people who want women to serve national service the most also have the lowest opinion of women in general.

    I felt this to be true, but never had much proof of this until recently, when Facebook comments were posted on an article I wrote about the movie Ah Boys To Men 4.

    The latest instalment of this military comedy, due this November, will for the first time feature a woman as a main character. Singapore-raised, Hong Kong-based actress Apple Chan will play an armour unit officer.

    Some background: For decades, women have served in the Singapore Armed Forces in all sorts of roles. They fly planes, repair ships, command tanks and artillery, train soldiers and interpret intelligence.

    It has taken four movies for the world of Ah Boys to approximate reality. Nothing too controversial about that. As a journalist, I'm happy that, at last, the hugely popular Ah Boys movies are correcting the myth of an all-male military they helped perpetuate.

    But stepping into that comment stream was like stepping into a hot, sweaty, steamy men's locker room - you know, the room that exists in the excuses of men after they are caught on tape talking about sexually harassing women.

    The report came with a photograph of Ms Chan in uniform, and of the 100 or so comments, many were about her face and breasts.

    I tried to find one comment that spoke of how good it is that the contributions of women in the SAF were finally given recognition, but could not find any in the heap of sex jokes.

    In with the muck was one person who asked why a woman deserved to be in the film when Singapore women "have been shirking their national service duties for 50 years".

    That you can't shirk something you were never asked to do is the obvious answer, but no one in that thread said that.

    Instead, we got plenty of men issuing urgent press releases about how Ms Chan's picture was triggering a healthy reaction in their pants.

    What are these men looking for? Applause?

    Or more likely, the Facebook catcalling is just a way of telling women to stay in their place.

    It's why no one said anything of substance to the person who asked why women "shirk" national service.

    What are those who want NS for women really saying?

    From what I can glean, there is the idea that NS buys the full rights of citizenship. That is rubbish, and goes against the National Pledge. ("We the citizens... one united people... based on justice and equality.")

    Mixed up in there is the idea that as men do it as a duty and it is good for the country, NS would be even better if both sexes did it.

    Let's get it straight: Some duties are defined naturally ("don't smell bad") and some by law, and NS is the latter, so let's not get the two confused.

    Then there is the idea that NS "improves" people, and that women need "improving".

    It all ties back to the presumption of female inferiority.

    Honestly, if you really felt that, I would welcome your suggestions on what courses the SAF should run to improve Singapore's women. Chin-ups?

    Would women with better upper-body strength raise your opinion of them?

    Somehow, I doubt it.

    A lot of this belittling of women in the military has to do with the idea that if women can do what men do, it makes that task less manly and therefore of less value.

    Military work is now - shudder! - "women's work".

    That thinking stems from how we've all been brought up to think that national service turns "boys" into "men", as if NS were like drinking a magic potion made of testosterone, gunpowder and horse sweat.

    A lot of the "boys into men" idea came from marketers who wanted to popularise military careers.

    That ploy is backfiring now, when falling birth rates are causing people shortages (I almost said "manpower" before "shortages") in the military, which is now looking for qualified Singaporeans of every kind.

    From my experience, anything that 21/2 years of NS taught me about being a man - if such a thing were even possible - was all gone after six months of civilian life.

    But you know what is the most important step you can take to turn yourself from a boy to a man?

    When you see a woman in an SAF uniform, stop issuing reports on what your other brain thinks.

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Interesting job.

    Keeping an Eye to the Sky

    from brightsparks online

    Captain (CPT) Rae Tan talks to us about her responsibilities in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), which include being an Aide-de-Camp to the President of Singapore.

    Gone are the days where a career in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is deemed a profession in a “men’s world”. CPT Rae Tan demonstrates that women are just as capable of overcoming physical and mental challenges in the military environment.

    CPT Rae is a recipient of the SAF Merit Scholarship (Women), a prestigious scholarship that grooms women for a career in the SAF. When asked about why she chose to embark on a career with the military, CPT Rae shares that this interest sparked off during her Junior College years when she was invited to the SAF Merit Scholarship (Women) tea session. She knew she wanted to “walk an uncommon route less travelled by women” and to challenge herself in a unique way. With the scholarship, she studied Business and Economics at Edinburgh University.

    CPT Rae is currently serving in the RSAF as a Command, Control and Communications (C3) Officer – Air Traffic Controller. She is responsible for all aircraft departing and returning to RSAF’s airbases, ensuring that all military aircraft and civilian airliners are guided safely to prevent collisions– a role that undoubtedly requires a vigilant mind.

    Meeting Highest Standards

    As an air traffic controller, CPT Rae excels in making critical decisions under high pressure. The environment can be challenging and demanding at times but she does not work alone. She works with a team to make time-critical decisions as well as to complement one another in their daily tasks. She also constantly upgrades herself through continuous learning and training opportunities offered by the organisation.

    CPT Rae’s stint in the RSAF has also been filled with rewarding opportunities. In 2014, CPT Rae was tasked to organise a gala event for her squadron to celebrate their win as the “best control unit”. “It was a big event as we wanted to invite all our pioneers who had charted the way forward in the earlier years and all the National Servicemen as well,” she shares. Being in charge of the gala event was especially meaningful for CPT Rae as she witnessed the camaraderie and esprit de corps of the Air Force across generations.

    Last year, she has also been appointed as an Aide-de-Camp to the President of Singapore, an honourary position in which officers attend to the general administration, security and social needs of the President. “I am a few months into my appointment and feel very privileged to be able to carry out my duties at the Istana for State-level events. It has indeed been an honour to serve in this aspect together with my counterparts from the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Navy, the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force,” she shares.

    Qualities of an SAF Officer

    Throughout her experiences in the RSAF, CPT Rae has always been guided by her values. She believes that humility, perseverance and integrity have taken her through her journey and should guide the decisions of all officers.

    She imparts, “Humility is important in our daily work – we have to acknowledge that there are new things to be learnt every day from more experienced colleagues. We also have to remind ourselves not to feel discouraged when we make mistakes, but learn with humility and strive to become a better officer daily. Perseverance is also essential to take us through our challenges and continue believing in ourselves. Lastly, all SAF officers should have integrity in order to make decisions that are in the best interests of the team and of the nation.”

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    Default Re: Where to find this kind of woman officer in the SAF?

    Good article.

    Sailing Beyond Convention with the Navy

    from theurbanwire online

    Women of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) take on key roles in defending Singapore’s waters.

    The RSN has come a long way in the last 50 years, working tirelessly to defend Singapore’s waters, ensuring that our lifeline and link to the world is safe and secure. In this journey, women have been an indispensable part of the Navy, stepping to the fore whenever they are called upon to serve. With passion, strength and ability, these women are proving that defending the sea is not just a job for men.

    We take a rare glimpse into the lives of these servicewomen of strength.

    Caption: Securing the ship. Featured Personnel: ME1 Chua Kia Cher

    The handling of ropes (or lines in Navy term) is part of basic seamanship training that all Navy personnel will have to undergo. Handling and storing lines, tying knots and performing practical tasks such as mooring and anchoring are some of the fundamental seamanship skills. In this picture, ME1 Chua Kia Cher is seen tying the Landing Ship Tank (LST) to the pier as the ship comes alongside.

    Caption: Planning for Fire-fighting at sea. Featured Personnel: ME2 Gan Min Hui

    Firefighting and Damage Control (FFDC) is another basic skill that all sailors will be equipped with, and all Navy personnel are regularly assessed in their competency in FFDC. This is important because when there is a fire or flood on board ships out at sea, they will have to be the ones putting out the fire, fighting the flood. ME2 Gan Min Hui (in picture) is teaching the younger sailors on board on the various fire-fighting procedures, highlighting the importance of team work at the same time.

    Caption: Maintaining a well-oiled ship. Featured Personnel: ME2 Daphnne Tang

    A ship is like a floating city at sea. Our Navy personnel are responsible for a wide range of systems that are critical to the ships’s survivability, such as propulsion systems, electro-hydraulic equipment, fresh water generators, and ventilation systems. ME2 Daphnne Tang is a Marine System Expert, who ensures that the advanced systems on board her ship are kept in perfect order for the safety of the ship and crew at sea.

    Caption: Command & Control at Sea. Featured Personnel: ME2 Jasline Kee

    To safeguard Singapore, a maritime nation, Navy personnel are trained to analyse three-dimensional battle situation and threats coming from the air, surface and under water using state-of-the-art systems. Seen this picture, ME2 Jasline Kee is taking charge of the command and control systems in the Command Information Centre (CIC) of a Fearless-class patrol vessel.

    Caption: Being part of a team. Featured personnel: ME1 Iswhari Ravichandran

    The Navy prides itself on having a strong Navy family spirit. This picture shows ME1 Ishwari Ravichandran with her team mates from the Navigation Department of RSS Justice, a Fearless-class patrol vessel.

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