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    Talking Teen prostitutes

    The New Paper
    Saturday, Sep 21, 2013
    Pimp tells girl, 17, not to disclose age to customers

    Fifty one men, including a former school principal, were hauled to court for commercial sex with a local 17-year-old girl.

    At least 20 of the men have been sentenced to between eight and 19 weeks' jail for having paid for sex with the underage girl.

    Her pimp, Tang Boon Thiew, 39, was jailed four years and 10 months and fined $90,000 for 20 vice-related charges. He lost his appeal against his sentence in June.

    The girl was previously with a modelling agency, from which Tang got her contact number.

    When he realised that she was below 18, he specifically told her not to disclose her true age to customers.

    China teen duped and forced into prostitution

    For having paid sex with a 17-year-old Chinese girl, 24 men have been charged and more are expected to be charged.

    The girl's late father had chalked up huge debts to pay for his medical treatment while she was working in a hair salon.

    Wanting to earn more money, she went to Macau to work in a casino but could not get a job since she was underage.

    She was later tricked into going to Zhuhai in China, where she was drugged, raped, beaten and turned into a sex slave for pimp Tang Huisheng, 37.

    He threatened to harm her family and forced her to work as a prostitute here.

    His trial is scheduled for tomorrow. He is claiming trial to charges of procuring the girl for prostitution and other vice-related charges.

    Family pimp out underage Vietnamese virgins

    Eleven men have been charged with having paid sex with underage Vietnamese prostitutes.

    Five girls aged 16 and 17 were virgins when they first arrived here. One of the girls was forced to sell her virginity to a stranger for $1,500.

    She was physically abused and had to continue providing sexual services despite being in pain.

    The five were among at least 15 Vietnamese prostitutes recruited by a vice syndicate operated by Seng Swee Meng, 42, his Vietnamese wife, Ngo Tien, 31, and two of her family members.

    Seng was jailed five years in April.

    Pimp feeds underage girl drugs, beats her up

    Twelve men were charged for paid sex with a local 16-year-old girl.

    She was procured for prostitution by Malcolm Graham Head, 33, last October.

    Head faces 41 vice- and drug-related charges, including abetting 15 clients to have paid sex with a minor.
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