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Thread: Exchange Rates for RM

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    Quote Originally Posted by klsg5800 View Post
    I did a transfer at INSTAREM 2 days back. I transferred the money using CIMB to their CIMB account. However, website still showing AWAITING PAYMENT. Their support number always goes to voice mail immediately. Online chat also only have auto reply message. Email them and took 1.5 days to reply. They told me they saw a banking transaction with account xxxx and asked to provide banking transaction details. Reply with proof now but the website showing transaction is cancelled due to no payment. No reply until now... this is really bad.
    I hope the amount involved is quite little. I suggest that you give them another 3 working days to resolve, failing which you should raise this issue with MAS: as high number of substantiated complaints may affect licence. Do update us here on the outcome end of this week.

    Just to share that I cut and pasted the transaction number from my DBS to Instarem transfer for ease of identification at Instarem side. My trial only involved SGD $100. I will not move onto this TT platform for bigger amount until this is resolved. Thanks.

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