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  1. A Singaporean

    PAP encourages criminal to Sickipoora with residence status.

  2. A Singaporean

    [Sg video] - "How much does it cost to eat at hawker centre for a full day?" by Mothership chiobu(?) reporter

    If cannot afford please eat at home. 70% voted for it so shut the fuck up and wait for the next batch of cdc vouchers.
  3. A Singaporean

    CECA killed in road rage incident

    Self defence.
  4. A Singaporean

    Small space fucking bitch takes credit for restoring operation due to CrowdStrike outage.

  5. A Singaporean

    [Sg video] - New SPF recruitment ad

    A useless organisation only good at bully Sinkies.
  6. A Singaporean

    Chitchat See how Tiongs behaved on Luxury Cruise

    Fuck. Just like coolie gene Sinkies.
  7. A Singaporean

    干xiasuay Sinki duds and his fuckee

    Now you why low class coolie gene Sinkies are disgusting people.
  8. A Singaporean

    干xiasuay Sinki duds and his fuckee

    Fucking poor coolie gene Sinkies. Hope they are sent to prison and raped by fellow inmates.
  9. A Singaporean

    Jialat Many Lapses within Govt! Must be Civil Serpents Paid not enough!

    They are genuine mistakes. Let's move on.
  10. A Singaporean

    Almost half of Singaporeans believe they won't be able to retire comfortably

    More like 70%. Not much they can do for they are retards.
  11. A Singaporean

    Samsters better watch out. Black Dog is gunning for you.

  12. A Singaporean

    Iswaran has a taste of his own medicine. Now he knows how Sinkies feel all these years under the PAP justice system.

  13. A Singaporean

    [Sg] - Man stripped himself totally naked on MRT

    A campaign must be stated to sterilise all coolie gene Sinkies so that future generations will not have such problem.
  14. A Singaporean

    USA World War 2 veteran: With Trump as President I would re-enlist today!

    Sickipoora generals are general duties men aka gd men.