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  1. kaiju8

    Sinki need to realise FT are Really Good for u

    very very good, open the flood gates left right centre
  2. kaiju8

    Thai casino coming up.

    when is it opening?
  3. kaiju8

    CBP - Ghost town crumbling??

    mediaCorpse can make a new horror drama here
  4. kaiju8

    This week admin(s) over react to EDMW topics on CBP, threads deleted

    don't know why the admin(s) over react to EDMW topics on CBP, threads got deleted. cannot post negative things on CBP there, don't know why. very strange :laugh:
  5. kaiju8

    Chitchat Transport Minister sleeping?

    there is a nation wide jinx effect. could be some damage to SG 龙脉 :sleep:
  6. kaiju8

    Ppl filming themselves fighting outside State Court. Guess the race?

    where is the law and order, outside the courts :sleep:
  7. kaiju8

    Wow! Singapore's Ministry of Health Outright Dismisses Expert Opinions from McCullough, Malone, Angus Dalgleish, Aseem Malhotra, and More!

    there are many experts around. can some sexperts tell us which experts are correct :laugh:
  8. kaiju8

    Mum Of Taiwanese Actress Wears See-Through Dress & Bikini To Daughter’s Wedding

    nothing to see here, please move on :x3:
  9. kaiju8

    Serious Ethnic Cleansing of CECAs At Changi Business Park! Good Jobs For Sinkies Lost! Samsters Happy Now?

    so, whats next for the Changi biz park ? convert to hotel or resort :laugh: