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    Would be criminal Goh Jin Hian, son of ex PM Goh Chok Tong will parade in High Court soon. Official, no more Pre Trial Conference

    Knn xia suay lah simi Tall Order ???? The rotten apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Means that laopeh also questionable not clean at all.
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    Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh restaurant founder, 87, charged over Nassim Road fatal accident

    Sell bak kut teh until stay at Nassim ??
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    What is Tan Chuan Jin doing now?

    LOL.now promote to squeezing lao neh neh liao. The proverbial no fish dried shrimps also ok.
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    Chitchat Man bought a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz GLC300 from used car dealer Carro (Guess what happens?)

    Jap cars de best. Even if engine melt down also can replace with cheap parts many of which are easily available.
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    Chitchat Old Fart Sinkie found decayed and super smelly at Jurong East Flat!

    Sooner or later everyone uplorry. Die early die late also must die. 80yo is actually enuf liao, can go meet maker and live a no pain no care afterlife, enjoying peace and serenity waiting for her hubby to join her.
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    Farking CECA savages rummage through boxes besides recycle bin causing a mountain of trash

    That 45yo lao auntie shd hv pulled down her loose granny panty and flash her lao cheebye to these ahnehs. Confirm all scurry off as if just seen a pontianak
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    Don’t Worry, Everything is Out of Control | 道德经 Antidotes to Worry

    Dont worry, everything is chaocheebye !!!
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    r u a factotum?

    Moi got fatscrotum i.e. big lumpar jee.
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    Sentosa offers $50 an hour to clear beach

    Many despo cheapskate jh sai will grab the offer. $50 becum >150 ringgit.
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    Chitchat Useless Sinkies Professionals can only do Grab!

    Haha those kumgongs deserved it lah. Vote for pap somemore lor. Kena open leg fucked kar chngs by fts still so kumgong can blame ownself for being incompetent and resigned to low ses gig jobs.
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    Ho Ching the nasty woman is really asking for trouble now

    Her lao cheebye itchy again post nonsense.
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    Lady gives reason why cycling is addictive.

    Heng she 50yo menopause liao. So no need to pack kotek and extra panties, so can travel very light. Also menopause no more oozing female hormone so cheebye dry and got fishy smell wont attract rapists.
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    Gay Pedo Diplomat dismissed from SG Embassy in Ty! Guess the race, nationality, religion and etc!!

    Is that the expression of sextisfaction after seeing the kuku jiaos of young naked jitpun boys ???
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    12jun2024 Malaysian Kew Ah Hing, 46 of bmw 740 #SMF6986E charged for damaging gantry barrier arm & wheel clamps.

    LOL why this jh sai never post video of him kena escorted into police car ??
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    Gay Pedo Diplomat dismissed from SG Embassy in Ty! Guess the race, nationality, religion and etc!!

    Jskm. 3 slender fingers can poke 3 young kar chngs simultaneously. Who taught him this skill ? That CAQ ?
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    Breaking: High Court rules former prime minister’s son Goh Jin Hian liable for losses of up to US$146million

    His laobu pua cheebye still can stuff in 600K peanuts boh ??