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    $828k For A 3-Room HDB In 2024? Here Are The Most Expensive 3-Room HDB Transactions So Far

    Sinkees are very investment savvy. If they are willing to pay so much for HDB, we must follow.
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    Ah Neh nurses to the rescue

    https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/south-asia/growing-interest-among-indian-nurses-in-seeking-work-in-singapore NEW DELHI – Ms Carolyne Marak’s family has faced financial difficulties since the death of her father four years ago. But a nursing job in Singapore may help change things for the...
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    M'sian eatery with mini bowls from S$1.90 opens at SingPost Centre

    Mudland to the rescue. Thanks to Mudlanders, sinkees can have affordable food.
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    Chitchat Bragging that he got promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on LinkedIn

    LTC to Senior LTC to Colonel, then to one-star general. He has a long way to go to climb the military ladder.
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    Another Ah Neh did a good con job in America

    https://www.cnbc.com/2024/07/02/synapse-fintech-fdic-false-promise.html How thousands of Americans got caught in fintech’s false promise and lost access to bank accounts Starting May 11, more than 100,000 Americans with $265 million in deposits were locked out of their accounts. Roughly 85,000...
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    Serious MP Tin Pei Ling Gets Headhunted To Join Fintech Company MetaComp Just 9 Months After She Joined DCS Card Centre!

    The MP pay of $250k plus perks is her emergency fund. Well done, Tin Tin.
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    Serious Prof Dennis Etler: Why is the West attacking China?

    The Chinese plays the long game. The West wants it now.
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    Serious MP Tin Pei Ling Gets Headhunted To Join Fintech Company MetaComp Just 9 Months After She Joined DCS Card Centre!

    Tin exemplies everything that is right with the PAP. The PAP has created opportunity for this lady, just a junior consultant in an accounting firm (breaking the glass ceiling), to became an MP at a young age. The PAP has shown that the sky is the limit for common folk like her. You don't need to...
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    Amos Yee very Yandao in latest Mugshot!

    Why does the US spent all the money to incarcerate him? Just send him back to Sinkapore. The PAP will welcome him with open arms.
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    Israeli Doctor Treating 4 Rescued Hostages Says They Endured ‘A Lot Of Abuse, Almost Every Day’

    Compare to the more than a decade of sufferings the Israeli imposed on the 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza, this is nothing. If there is another global targetting of the Jews, there will be little sympathy this time round because the Israelis have shown that they do respect the lives of non-Jews.
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    Many people believe Minister Chee Hong Tat is a laggard and he is incompetent to helm the minister post.

    Dignity or money ...PAP millionaire ministers will definitely choose money.
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    'New Nostradamus' CECA makes chilling prediction new date WW3 will start

    When will PAP sell SAF combat rations at a steep discount, like 75 percent off, to help us prepare for WW3?
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    Chitchat Ah Neh move back to India from Canada. The comments were so LoL

    India is the new promise land. The angmos want are going there. Are sinkees going to there?
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    Dr Robert Yap (not MBBS and not PhD) in legal trouble

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin_International_University_College In 1992, Wisconsin International University was established. The first campus was established in Tallinn, Estonia as Concordia International University Estonia. In 1997, Wisconsin International University Ukraine was...
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    Hilarious exchange between CECA and Muslims... LMFAO

    The evangelical Christians are also stupid. They speak in tongue. Only their god understands, no human beings know the mumblings.
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    [Video] - Putin says he will likely deploy missiles in striking distance of USA and NATO

    Will one nuclear missile fire into Ukraine change your mind?
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    [Video] - Putin says he will likely deploy missiles in striking distance of USA and NATO

    Thankfully, there is someone willing to stand up against the US. When Trump becomes president, peace will return when the US listens to Putin.
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    Vietnam speeding up South China Sea island-building pace, US researchers say

    We can then buy for cheap. When is the Forest City fire sale starting?