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    "Breaking BAD" Factory

    Factory at Jurong West, Blk 475 area, operation hrs 2am – 4am, generated smell all around. TC sleeping, RC blur. Retired gangster son and grandson on 11 floor after midnight. Deliver time around 4am in morning.
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    Imagine a Singapore without LKY and PAP

    My Dad & Mom would be alive… Singaporean would Not have much complication of sickness…
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    Just sharing.

    "Due to some underhanded situations at work, I lost my job. I had to refer to my favorite scripture that says, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning." So 3:00am the morning after I received my termination notice, I began to write this..." This process is...
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    14 FEB, valentine's day....any roses?

    Man… another valentine day… Home Alone version 57.xx … etc… etc… Bob ! don't you ever get marry ? saw you at China Town on Feb 10, don't know you're taking pic of china town or China gal…
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    54 year old arrested by SAF dies in their custody

    54 year… See too much, Know too much… his death would put some cases in the army deep in a Black Hole again.
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    bad pussy in good doggie style:*:

    Ha ha ha ! Yes I did… just want to know the end, but all this happen is kinda Not Normal, isn't it? Dogy & Cat must have taken some kinda "Vigo"? all ways amazed, is there No Limit what Human can create? Specially CHAOS…
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    Another incoming lawsuit? (Shane Todd case)

    Re: Shane Todd is murdered!!! Well, if you keep search internet with your computer with keys word like "Gay" or "Porn" before you die without your underwear in from of your computer, than the investigation officer will probably HAPPY to Wrap up the case and gone for his 5:30pm scorer match...
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    Another incoming lawsuit? (Shane Todd case)

    Re: Shane Todd is murdered!!! it is bloody hard to find Evidence in crime, specially in this case… Still, beside looking for evidence, there still question that hard to answer. Why a Parent who lost a son, want to "Cook-Up" A police report (the nuts and gears things) that is Not even...
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    oh dear! superman just lost his famous red undies!

    O.k. leetahbar's don't be naughty, handover Superman undies, it not your size anyway.
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    can i leeport mata if i encounter this pesky people?

    They shouldn't be there at the 1st place, and not even related to the Patients and certainly not in the Hospital ICU or Hospices . There are even cases, that the patient been Thumb Print in their sleep.
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    Man found dead at foot of Laguna Park block

    What make you think he commit suicide ? Oh yeah the "Neighbours believe that he had jumped down from his unit.", the Paper say so… must be la…
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    No isn't guess work :eek:, why don't you try reading the paper 1st, :) before posting.
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    Nope ! Todd was happy to leave the company, already to Pack & Go, and… he has already had a new job in U.S.
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    Not really true ! they are Fast in Wrapping Up the Case in Speed of Light, else they be in trouble with a capital "T", see ? Number One Efficiency. Number One ! O..K. ?
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    Why not ? I've Gone through, and this had Nothing to do with any "Brand or Country".
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    If you're are elderly or single or poor and Die alone in you're resident, No One Will Ask about your Cause of Death.
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    Unlikely, no reason to. but a killer is capable of doing what you say and it take more than one to plan and cover it, if this is what you suggest.
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    Was Shane Todd really murdered?

    I don't Trust the SPF nor Pathologist.
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    This morning at Paya Lebar

    more detail on OMY site. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Wu-Ba-Ju-Ban-Bao-Chong-Tu-Min-Fang-Po-Men-Bu-3Xiong-Mei-172930#prettyPhoto