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  1. ChiKopPow

    Chitchat Entreprenuer Minah FT self taught dentistry, performs procedures in SG!

    She might have had watched too much "hostel" movies.
  2. ChiKopPow

    Chitchat Jackie Chan Piak Piak too much now become White Haired Old Fart!

    Trying very very hard to suck every Commie comrades'' willy just because of his gangja son.
  3. ChiKopPow

    Adam Khoo tells you about the secrets of his success

    share secret? nothing is free, these are all baiting tactics.
  4. ChiKopPow

    94.5% of new jobs created in 2023 went to foreigners and PAP refused to explain.

    Sinkies are secondary, foreigners are primary issue. yes no?
  5. ChiKopPow

    Car theme cafe forced shut after 2 months in operation

    no flop cheebye services provided?
  6. ChiKopPow

    [Video] - Putin shoots everyone

    All these jiakliaobee watching without pop-corn. why nobody stand up and do something?
  7. ChiKopPow

    WORST CHICKEN RICE IN SINGAPORE : Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice

    No need to thank them because you had already paid for the services which they are obligated to perform. Its their job. Just like you had already paid your due throughout your life journey, so no need to give credit to the "those" up there issuing economic polices, it is THEIR JOB, THEY ARE PAID...
  8. ChiKopPow

    Tera Pak to Shut down Jurong Office, Letrenched 300 Jiakliaobee Employees

    Waiting for some thing big to happen world wide. So will it happen?
  9. ChiKopPow

    Did you focus on the number of shots she took?

    Oh, I am focusing on the target board she was shooting at. :wink:
  10. ChiKopPow

    PRCs not allowed on plane that Tom Cruise was allowed in MI

    May be the Cina National can try doing the Chinese Mission Impossible?
  11. ChiKopPow

    Fucking double standard of ChatGPT 4.

    Just take advantages on the disadvantages. Make it works towards our favor.
  12. ChiKopPow

    Malays Realize All PAP Malay MPs are Working Against Their Interests

    Not happy then vote them out, KPKB here also no point. Action beats inaction.
  13. ChiKopPow

    WORST CHICKEN RICE IN SINGAPORE : Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice

    The best and most expensive chicken rice so far is in Geylang. One time is SGD60, 30 minutes only.
  14. ChiKopPow

    China people are very angry with Singapore for trumpeting Taylor Swift. They said Han Hong 韩红 can sing million times better than Taylor

    This shows how stupid, how illogical and how low these 50 cents army can be. Basically everything also 辱华 They more they KPKB,, the more trouble and foe they will create. 无极必番. :biggrin:
  15. ChiKopPow

    Chitchat Poll: Is Ng Chee Meng and NTUC union useless ?

    Just another clown. What is new?
  16. ChiKopPow

    Iswaran case no sound no picture?

    so long liao still no news? does not make sense to me!