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  1. J

    Truth about Star Award

    The coming Star Award to pick Best Actor n Actress etc. will NOT pick the really ''best'' actor or actress, due to the method of voting which is not one viewer one vote. So, easily imaginable, the title will go to the actor/ess who will have rich $$$ backer/supporters. Anyway, my pick...
  2. J

    Best Bet for weekend 07-03-09

    I bet equal amount on Total Goals = 4 for both Barca and Real madrid matches. At least one kena enuf to earn profit!:eek:
  3. J

    EPL - Best bet for 03-03-09

    :DToday, 3 matches on 3rd day of 3rd month. So, bet $30 on total goals = 3 for all 3 matches. Hoping to strike a small profit.
  4. J

    EPL - my BEst bet tonite

    The sure win bet is to Bet Total Goal OVER 2.5 on Chelsea match !!
  5. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Betted 2.5K on Total Gola = Over for Man U game, hoping to earn 1.5K
  6. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Wanted to bet Total Goals = UNDER 2.5 for Portsmouth game but the half fcuk bet shop didnt offer, checked other ppl offering at 1.75. Anyway can get return at 1.62 by betting $308, $583, $729 on Total Gola = 0,1,2 respectively, hoping to win 1k. Also, betted $500 each on Total Goal= 1 n...
  7. J

    MIA : Security guard goes missing after trying to help woman

    Journalist / Reporters not doing a good job by not finding that lady to interview her. She is the most crucial player in this event. Failure to bring her out to public will make people fear that its a ghost and maybe many ppl working there will resign!!! So, the police should make a...
  8. J

    SMRT Buses Rickety & Smelly, But Still Dare to HIKE BUS FARE REGULARLY!

    Yeah. Try bus no. 30. Smell of dust coming out from the air-con maybe can cause Legionaire disease if exposure is prolonged. Their Drivers will get it first !!!
  9. J

    PRC Whores Masquerading As Students

    The Gahment not blind. Surely they know of the black sheeps, but isnt it brilliant to close one eye? Think of the benefits from their point of view: 1) it contributes to Sg Economy-churning income for Changi Airport, income for Gelang Hotels n F&B, income for Half Fcuk part-time English...
  10. J

    Human Beings versus Market Economy - The Battle

    Market Economy: “Hey humans, why are you patronizing me less and less frequent nowadays? The amount you spend in each of your patron is also getting less and less” Human Beings : “Oh, because recently I read news there are possible layoffs and retrenchments, even the gahment also said so. I...
  11. J

    my Bet on Ba n Bu Tonite

    Wanted to bet 3K on Total Goals = Under for Stoke City game but not offered by the half fcuk shop, how to be a world class company? Have to settle for 1.5K on Total Goals = Over for Liverpool game instead. In Bunde, Ideal bet will be 1K on Total Goals = Under for Frankfurt game but again not...
  12. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Hmmm...only 1 game, difficult no choice but if really must bet, bet on Total Goal = Under 2.5 medium $. Maybe $500 as snack. More adventurous? then bet total goals = 1 n 2 equal amount, maybe $250 each. Hopefully next week got Main Menu, Big Dish !!
  13. J

    my Bet on Barc Tonite

    Betted $1540 on Totenham to win, hoping to earn 1K.
  14. J

    my Bet on Barc n Bund Tonite

    Wanted to bet total goals = Under on Bolton game but not offered, so have to bet total goals = 0,1 n 2 $390, $725 n $950 respectively. Also, bet 1K total gola = even for Man U game in Bunde, bet 2K on total goals = Over 2.5 for Hannover game. Also, $500 on total gola = even for cologne...
  15. J

    my Bet on Barcla n Bundes Tonite

    I want to bet 3K on Total goals UNDER 2.5 for Newcastle game but not offered, so have to settle for 1.5K on Arsenal game n 500 on total gola = EVEN for Man U game.. Also bet $250 each on zero goal for wigan n Portsmouth games - as desserts. Wanted to bet Total goals = EVEN for Cottbus...
  16. J

    Why You Need to be at Hong Lim Park Tomorrow (15 November)

    I will go Hong Lim Park if there is a matchmaking session, to find a partner. Hee4 (=Hee Hee Hee Hee).
  17. J

    Singapore WORLD CLASS Transport System = Singapore are FUCKED!!

    World class in term of passanger per square feet. compare with tokyo, seoul, hongkong. its probably d only city where passaangers got NO SPACE TO STAND. have to smell ketiak of bangala sometimes.
  18. J

    Do we import Fish from China?

    Yes, i saw "Product of China" fishes at NTUC fairprice at the FROZEN meat section, but dat was 2 3 mths ago, if now go to see and not there, that means they removed silently without publicity, if still there, i dont know if v can assume its safe?
  19. J

    Should we put the white tigers to sleep?

    Better to sell to other zoo and earn some $
  20. J

    TOTO draw - was once honestly done

    I remember when I was still a student living in Malaysia, in some of the afternoons when I was back from school and switched on the tv, I saw Toto draw being shown on tv (I dont know if that was a live telecast or not, I was only a primary school student then). Here's how the Draw was done...