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  1. VanDick

    if sleep with your boss kana found out, can claim one is forced by boss to have affair if not get sacked?

    If you don't tell, and your boss don't tell, then who will know?
  2. VanDick

    [Sg] - Jackson Wang Praised For Clearing Tray After Meal At Lau Pa Sat

    Why is a pop star like him eating at a hawker center? Is he broke?
  3. VanDick

    Would be criminal Goh Jin Hian, son of ex PM Goh Chok Tong will parade in High Court soon. Official, no more Pre Trial Conference

    This is a special privilege given only to the elites, so they can ownself check ownself.
  4. VanDick

    [Thai] - Singaporean singer in Thailand kena beaten up by girlfriend's Thai partner

    If he don't know how to fight because he is weak, just say so. No need to give excuse that he is drunk, so unable to fight back. What a flaccid loser.
  5. VanDick

    [Sg] - PAP Grace Fu: Have you seen what has been choking up our sewers? >70% caused by insoluble waste, feminine sanitary products!

    Okay, so what now? She imposed 10 cents on plastic bags. So is she going to impose tax on female sanitary products?
  6. VanDick

    Would be criminal Goh Jin Hian, son of ex PM Goh Chok Tong will parade in High Court soon. Official, no more Pre Trial Conference

    This is a kangaroo court, so what do you expect? There are always 2 sets of rules - one for the elites like GJH, and one for the rest of the dumb sinkies. He will get away with just a slap on the wrist.
  7. VanDick

    NUS whisper : TLDR: will there be light at the end of the tunnel?

    If she is looking for easy paying jobs, then she can just go and sell her pussy. She can enjoy living in the moment, and getting paid for it.
  8. VanDick

    [Sg video] - Salakau 369 : Man confronts Jurong durian sellers, slaps one, challenges another to a fight. SPF arrests all 3 of them.

    Knn, only act like a shitty gangster. If really got balls, then go to Gaza and join the fighting there.
  9. VanDick

    [Sg video] - Gay Wedding in Sg, you want to attend?

    So does this loving gay couple qualify for BTO?
  10. VanDick

    Shanmugam has spoken. You PMA bastards better watch out.

    So what's the conclusion? Elderly persons with mobility issues should just stay the fuck at home and don't come out. They are a liability to others pedestrians.
  11. VanDick

    Genevieve Wong is very nice and sexy Client Acquisition Manager, will you buy from her?

    Quite possibly. That's why she can spend so much time on social media. This kind of pattern doesn't need a job anyways. She can just be an influencer or sell her pussy.
  12. VanDick

    [Sg video] - Gay Wedding in Sg, you want to attend?

    Sick in their brains. Enjoy fucking each other's kar cheng everyday, and then from ass to mouth. Yucks!
  13. VanDick

    Serious Childless SPG slut gets divorce windfall!

    The wife sounds like the typical sinkie slutty bitch. I won't be surprised if she slept with the judicial commissioner in exchange for winning the appeal. Toxic sluts like her will do anything to dig for money.
  14. VanDick

    [Sg video] PAP Grace Fu: If you're buying vegetables the bag can be used to put your garbage... We're not banning plastic bags, just charging for them

    So she's saying that the plastic bag that you paid 10 cents for can actually change your life. No wonder her nose is so big.
  15. VanDick

    Ah Neh nurses to the rescue

    Ceca doctors with fake degrees and fake CVs.
  16. VanDick


    No pic, no talk.
  17. VanDick


    Yes, definitely. Fucked many of my subordinates in previous companies. Its very normal. Many times thrilling, but have to be discreet. So have you fallen in love with your female boss?
  18. VanDick

    Chitchat Singapore influencer @jieyingsim very fappable

    This one really CMI. Too ugly and too skinny for child bearing.
  19. VanDick

    Chitchat CECA bank Citi LeeTrenched 500 in Singapore

    NTUC not going to help those retrenched?
  20. VanDick

    Ah Neh nurses to the rescue

    She must have received preferential treatment for the SNB licence exam, because she's a Ceca.