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    Removing your livelihood if you can't pay your medisave, right or wrong?

    Everything in life is relative. Even though I have very little I still count my blessings. My doctor has given me perhaps another 6 months, and so I am at peace. I don't blame anyone for my circumstances as I believe in divine fate and destiny. Others of course can disagree, and I...
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    Removing your livelihood if you can't pay your medisave, right or wrong?

    I am close to 80yo. I am not working. Why? :confused:
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    Removing your livelihood if you can't pay your medisave, right or wrong?

    He is still gainfully employed earning $2.2k/mth. He is doing far better than the thousands of others who are jobless. Not sure what he is complaining about. :confused:
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    Usd falling. What to do

    Buy 2 shares of Berkshire Hathaway A stock. Current share price is only US$175,800.00. :eek: You'll still have some change left. :o
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    The Opposition turnover

    I cannot understand what motivates these 3 to remain on a ship that has been torpedoed multiple times and is already 90% below the waterline? :confused:
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    Vincent angry with people disturbing his boyfriend..

    Seems like people become their own worst enemies on facebook... :eek: :o
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    Alex Tan threatens netizens

    Both are loose cannons. What these 2 do and say are clearly not beneficial to the opposition cause.
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    Alex Tan threatens netizens

    Why does Joshua Chiang like to wear hats ? :o
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    Gilbert Goh on the offensive - swears to combat VW, Jolovan

    The 2 Gohs have promised to do go-go dancing at HLP ? :o
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    Calling all Youths in Aljunied GRC!

    In the land of milk & honey, bowling becomes a priority.
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    Steel Cage match - Vincent Wijeysingha vs Gilbert Goh

    This was well known for some time. VW's positions only appeal to a small % of voters. VW can form his own new party with his pals AA, Jolovan and Roy. They will then know the level of support they have.
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    Head of security associations exploit dignity of guards!!!

    Boss Sam is one of the Chosen People. :o
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    Ang Moh FTrash Caught Vandalizing Car by CCTV

    If memory serves me right, although Michael Fay damaged private property, including the car of a high court judge, he was charged with vandalism because of the scale of his late night spree. (It covered several properties.) Prior to that, the charge of vandalism was reserved for damage to...
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    Ang Moh FTrash Caught Vandalizing Car by CCTV

    True. I think I would have done differently from what the car owner did. Given that he knew where the culprit lived he should have approached him and say that he had been captured in the act via his car's CCTV. If he wanted the matter to be resolved without fuss, without the public knowing...
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    Ex-ISD Director: Ngiam Chickened Out, BIG LOSS to Oppo Politics

    Ngiam seemed to think that after retiring from the civil service he could say whatever he wanted. He was not conscious that he still had many ties, both formal and informal with the establishment. Remember that the dean of the LKYSPP had recently said that there was a lot of unwarranted...
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    Ex-ISD Director: Ngiam Chickened Out, BIG LOSS to Oppo Politics

    Ngiam brought great shame to himself. He is a standing joke! :o
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    Third Pawnshop to go for IPO...ValueMax

    Yes, as Americans would put it, "Three's a charm." " It refers to the belief that the number three is a magical number; therefore, doing anything three times would make it magically succeed." http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_'Three_is_a_Charm'_mean
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    Ngiam Tong Dow says his recent comments on ministers unfair and illogical

    PAP is laughing as this has been a good week for it, getting 2 to back down:
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    Ngiam Tong Dow: Post Civil Service Crackpot?

    Belmont Lay can go and worship at the feet of a man with a forked tongue.