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  1. mudhatter

    What Terengganu could be, but what it has become

    correct this bloody kelingkia pundek sermonizes malaysians like ceca itself is not a terrible sh*thole and is actually ina position to sermonize melayu. what more, malaysia doesn't really on tourism. mostly "tourists" in parentheses are cheapo stinkies splurging on groceries or cheapo viet or...
  2. mudhatter

    Allah is the Best Planner: Hizballah invades northern Israel with manned paragliders, hits Israeli cities with massive rocket barrage

    what for? live in tiny pigeonholes in hot humid stuffy stinkypura with no car ownership for peasants. and drink their own pee and poo water?
  3. mudhatter

    Huat ah! 3rd world chennai dbs bank went fown for hours! Taxi driver no earnings!

    ceca. more ceca. more good years to come for stinkies. :biggrin:
  4. mudhatter

    AMDK want to work with Sinki on Nuclear and Space de woh...

    ultra stupid that's what these nincompoops are. how exactly did you feel inferior slanty mongoloids can surpass caucasoids? just stupid. is there one single invention (of note) from stinkypura? nil can mongoloids invent? no. how could genetically inferior mongoloids surpas s caucasoids...
  5. mudhatter

    AMDK want to work with Sinki on Nuclear and Space de woh...

    stinky = vassal state of yanks apart from that, the rest all just motherhood statements
  6. mudhatter

    Why Arab bros Egypt and Jordan not opening borders to Palestines fleeing?

    so basically it's not only palestine under open zionist occupation, all arab countries are under occupation of the kufar thru proxy. most arab countries are yankee vassal states, with syria under assad another terrible dictator a russkie vassal state. that's abt it.
  7. mudhatter

    Why Arab bros Egypt and Jordan not opening borders to Palestines fleeing?

    they are all dictatorships autocracies and puppets/vassals of kuffar. take for example dictator sissi. how did he come to power? by massacring the ppls of egypt, through a coup and holding on to power till now with express backing of all sorts of the kuffar. so there's no doubt regarding that.
  8. mudhatter

    Serious PAP muud Mufti And Loofy Condemns Hamas War Crimes! Jew Rabbi Grateful To PAP For Its No-Nonsense Approach To Hate Speech! Majulah PAP!

    even kuffar can see clearly that stinky "muslims" are just "kuffarized" and their neighbours Malaun and Indon are OK with it
  9. mudhatter

    [Sg video] - Zermatt Neo eats 100 PIECES OF KFC CHICKEN IN 90 Minutes

    is he the world's best? stinkies are pretty ordinary. nobody or nothing is really exceptional.
  10. mudhatter

    Remember to tell your next 18 generations to be grateful to hokkien heroes that built the FIRST AND ONLY Chinese university outside of China!

    the heroes were the rest who never built a chinese uni outside china. why would you want that garbage inside your country? wuhan virus? sars? what's good about them?
  11. mudhatter

    weather no good. IDF not going into Gaza. akandatang

    sounds stupid like that to you? it must be the pee and poo water that you've been drinking that's doing the trick
  12. mudhatter

    weather no good. IDF not going into Gaza. akandatang

    well said this is no different from pap-piglets' propaganda that a one party state banana republic with no culture no history no brains no geniuses no talent no legends no architecture no civilization no scenery or anything worhty of note is a great "success". yeah, very successful at living...
  13. mudhatter

    Bomb threat: different punishment for different people

    a nation of coolies peasants prostitutes rickshaw pullers opium addicts whores harlots cant be expected to do better
  14. mudhatter

    Is Iran bluffing? Iranian UN amb warns of "far reaching consequences" to Zionist regime

    Iran has warned Israel to immediately halt its “war crimes” against Gaza or it could face “a huge earthquake” of resistance. The Islamic Republic’s UN mission is demanding the international community to act to stop the ongoing bloodshed from Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza. “If the Israeli...
  15. mudhatter

    Iran officials helped plan Hamas’ jihad attacks on Israel over several weeks

    that's the case today. at that time could japs bomb yank factories? just bombing hawaii isn't good enough.