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  1. QXD

    Poor designs in Singapore

    Where is this? looks like a computer design.
  2. QXD

    Will you queue to pay your last respect to old man ..

    No I will not, and neither would I have any sympathies for his family and their future in his passing.
  3. QXD

    SAF girl hated exercise

    She's got looks potential. There's only so much make up can do, but a person must be naturally endowed with good features to carry off a smile like that. And she has them.
  4. QXD

    Tan Cheng Bok's detailed analysis on why current MOH policies are all wrong

    I know a few SG med students here in Perth pursue a medical degree for nothing more than money. They spend days on end comparing different types of practices and the "market price" of the most lucrative procedures. (i.e.- least effort, least liability, maximum reward) As expected, they are...
  5. QXD

    15 yr old Nick, Li Kah Shing and good business

    A pity that back then, social networking was not as efficient as now that would have given Philip Teo a big "FUCK YOU" and gone ahead and more would have pursued their dreams anyway. Oh well, at least we can take solace that our generation's angst has now sown the healthy seeds of contempt and...
  6. QXD

    Singapore really no class, don't even have a single Apple Store

    Even humble Perth, population of just under 2 million, has 2 apple stores, one in the city and one in Garden City shopping centre.
  7. QXD

    An open letter to my MP...

    Unfortunately, her GRC was the only one uncontested in GE2011 Oppo nomination forms late by 12seconds... Dun blame her lah...
  8. QXD

    Why do Singaporeans leave?

    It is no doubt a perceived insurmountable obstacle to a Singaporean when thinking of migrating overseas. I for one, even with a good number of years of education in Australia, found it hard to pluck myself out from Singapore and make the move back then. What convinced me to move was watching my...
  9. QXD

    Ang moh got whacked after a chio bu shouted molest

    Re: The Sissy Mindset Has To Change I see a situation where a lot of pent up anger is vented. Perhaps it is an indication of things to come and should the police not heed these warning signs, it might be far worse than a bloody nose next time.
  10. QXD

    Why the PAP needs to be ousted sooner rather than later

    Times must be bad, Sam. Getting hands-on to stir your own controversies (PAP good in one post, PAP bad in another) has got to be a new low, even for you.
  11. QXD

    Do you think SQ gals standards have plunged?

    The need for young, inexperienced eye candy on long haul flight pales in comparison when you have the senior staff in First/Business Class being attentive to every request, meticulous in detail and making sure you are well rested when reach your destination. Not to sound like I'm advertising...
  12. QXD

    Migrating to Australia - medical checks

    You must also consider the ramifications even if your appeal is successful. Employment medical checks will also come to play, unless of course, you intend to start a business of your own. I know of a family that got their application rejected because their kid had downs syndrome and another...
  13. QXD

    Aussies angmohs f**k fake FTs nicely to work in Oz ...

    It's pretty obvious that the Indians are cornering the servo cashier and security guard market here. My guess is that they will make a move next on the food court table cleaner and manual car wash soon...:D
  14. QXD

    Thinking of giving up Singapore citizen.

    In the Vietnamese context, if you walk around each day with an ass (donkey) carrying a sackful of gold ingots as spare change, then by all means, SG citizenship can give up now and you will still be able to come back as an FT later. Not to come across as insulting with the above statement, but...
  15. QXD

    Even the local ah nehs cant take it

    I love this guy's straight talking! Respect! One up for Singaporeans!
  16. QXD

    Housekeeping to reduce size of database

    Thank you Sam.
  17. QXD

    Say Bye Bye to our Dirty Petrochemical Complexes!!

    Excellent observation.
  18. QXD

    List of PAP (BS) Truisms....

    GCT: If there are no retrenchments in SG, I worry.
  19. QXD

    Let's get this straight. It's the older Sinkie PMETS that loses out to FTs

    It's the same as Gen X back then when they started working. They said that it was the baby boomers who were getting retrenched... So really, does Gen X have anything less compared to Gen Y when it comes to contributing? I say no, but it is the government's stance to "renew" it's workforce and...
  20. QXD

    Which bank is well know for it's private investment banking services

    If you even need to ask, then obviously you don't belong in the same class as those who do.