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  1. virus

    Serious China on Brink of Collapse !

    all those r money issue, can be resolved. and mind you china is too huge to manage, but slowly and surely they will address these ip, patents. there's a critical difference here. eu trying to talk to china to diffuse trade war and also to gain from american losses, goes where their interest...
  2. virus

    Chitchat I think one day I will be bash up for being a Kaypoh...

    yes, stomp or wan bao him, can make with gifts of cash vouchers
  3. virus

    Trump Says he does not have 'attorney general', very sad

    it doesnt matter, most of WH staff reports to GOP not trump. he cant fire the top brass for the same reason just a matter of time he is oust from the house.
  4. virus

    chiobu single mum needs help!

    mata nowadays simi useless. no balls to go hans solo
  5. virus

    Serious China on Brink of Collapse !

    China can dump us treasury if needed, nope rmb is not falling, they hv huge huge stash of gold to back it n scheming to launch it as a trade currency to knock usd.as Jim rogers say the hay days r over for usd n trump.
  6. virus

    Serious [ Singapore News ] Beware of Indian Race Card + Victim Card : Sharma Sanskriti Satyakam Dig Out 2017 News Article & Ask You Not To Bully Her

    No reason why number n tong gang is increasingly prominent n bolden nowadays as bullying is top down rot culture. In short sinkies like to bully sinkies n their maids. So this maid is from Sri Lanka or snake.
  7. virus

    "Pull & Hug".. Why I can't perfect this huh?

    of cos injure her hand if she dont use the lube when doing pcc on you
  8. virus

    Man pimps his own wife!!!!! Guess the............

    must be fake news... he marry her for the convenience of hiding his gayness... look at pinky as example.
  9. virus

    Blackout hits large parts of Singapore

    u forgot, even PM also breakdown.
  10. virus

    Blackout hits large parts of Singapore

    facebook n whatsapp are for really old folks.... younger ones like use use instagram, wechat n telegram
  11. virus

    Permanent residents are not real singaporeans my corlick says.....

    iswahlan is untouchable caste..... no senior ministar dare touch him, which ex dip, kausimilan is a pariah dog
  12. virus

    ask question regarding ceiling fan

    you dont rewind because the cost of the motor is low but labor is high, so u just dtrumpf it
  13. virus

    Chitchat If You Have a Heart Attack in a SQFlight, Ann Sim Will Resuscitate You Back to Life!

    probably to keep the grandma era loin cloth for menstrual blood
  14. virus

    Serious Jack Neo Moving To China To Make Movies! Making 'Ah Boyz To Men' Movies For 11 Jinping And 1 Billion Chinks!

    must be the smell of chink cunts.... he deserve to lose everything he made
  15. virus

    Kate Beckinsale is a goddess................

    looks bushy below
  16. virus

    ask question regarding ceiling fan

    Carbon in the motor winding time to replace
  17. virus

    Serious OYK the new Talk Cock King?

    Time for pinkie to fix him like ms Vivian n paper General tan
  18. virus

    Serious Ho Jinx loses at least S$1.2b in 5 months on Bayer

    and all quiet ad keep feeding her gambling addiction
  19. virus

    My Left Thumb finger kena scalded...

    ask your maid to suck it like she's giving you BBBJ. if the mucus comes out her to swallow it like cum