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  1. Pontific

    [Sg video] - Athy Lee, the 14-year-old bodybuilder who wants to go professional in Sg

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  2. Pontific

    Official barclay premiere league betting thread

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  3. Pontific

    Any Computer Expert Here Can Help ?

    I will be very glad if I find here an answer from a computer expert to the question How to stop Google Chrome notifications on Mac?
  4. Pontific

    An Essay On Hanoi, Vietnam

    Very interesting info
  5. Pontific

    SIC what music are u listening to rite now?

    Wow nice song!
  6. Pontific

    Own a car affordably in Sinkieland, no COE

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  7. Pontific

    Casino Suppliers Quit Macau for Resurgent Singapore, Philippines

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  8. Pontific

    Resorts World Genting , RWG, Casino Gaming Fall-In Here , 2022 .

    It looks very impressive actually.
  9. Pontific

    PC /Mobile CRYPTO mining GAMES for the grounded filthy unvaxx boomers & useless, incompetent younger Gen-Millennials earn while u rot in ze rats hole

    I must be a millennial, but I haven't figured out NFT and how to make any money there =) . But I can say for myself that there are now a lot of casinos, where you can just the same to win good money, if of course you know what slots suit you. For example, I often play slots from the developer...