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  1. bobby

    Chitchat Useless Sinkies Professionals can only do Grab!

    Event Staff Bartender Barista Sales Assistant Customer Service Representative Receptionist Warehouse Assistant Data Entry Clerk Freelancer A freelancer is a cheekon with no pimp or Geylang house ????
  2. bobby

    Coruption everywhere despite the enormous salary.

    Seriously how difficult is it to govern a small little dot that you need $m ministers, senior ministers, minister-of-states, & 98 MPs ?
  3. bobby

    Coruption everywhere despite the enormous salary.

    Ya right….PAP & the gahmen is so righteous with $m salaries. The fact that you are attracted to $m means that is your lifestyle and can get used to it and now want more.
  4. bobby

    Chitchat MediaCorpse - CECA Business Park can Market its Unique Location! Samsters Rushing there?

    How about make Uptron College anchor tenant at CBP with Komala Vilas restaurant HQ and main kitchen, Mustafa and SIA special CECA lounge to serve them too
  5. bobby

    14 die trying to make pilgrimage

    Every goat dread Haji…
  6. bobby

    MAKE MALAYSIA GREAT AGAIN: Malaysia tekan Singaporeans

    If Anwar is a snake then our Shanmugan & Balakrishnan are King Cobras
  7. bobby

    MAKE MALAYSIA GREAT AGAIN: Malaysia tekan Singaporeans

    Like NS…pumping expensive 100% petrol tax fuel in SG is a privilege
  8. bobby

    Review: D'Authentic Mee Rebus (Singapore)

    In Matland it is called Mee Jawa…who copy who?
  9. bobby

    When a woman willing to swallow , means she really enjoy sex with u?

    Means you pre mature ejaculate…cum in cb better
  10. bobby

    does lawrence wong still attend church every sunday?

    The church now comes to LW
  11. bobby

    Why No One Wants to Live in Canada

  12. bobby

    Chiobu Dr Charlene Chen Yijun is Cheng Li Hui's successor in Tampines GRC

    Not only big shoes….but big teats to fill
  13. bobby

    [Sg] - Man kena jailed 16 years, caned for raping 8 teenage girls; 1 kena impregnated

    She should never be the face behind fertility….people see her face straightaway cannot mari kita
  14. bobby

    SPG Bitch Claimed Job Offer Withdrawn due to her Preggy Status!

    The company that she applief to work for is a charity ??? If not the no sane company manager will employ her and pay for her maternity…courteous and polite way is give birth, finish maternity and then if feel like working then apply again. Other option is to work for gahmen…whom she voted for.
  15. bobby

    Sentosa beaches covered by oil slick

    Then these FTs go where to tengok???
  16. bobby

    Hassan Sunny makes it to the BBC News. Peesai goalie become famous liao

    Liddat can also say kelong
  17. bobby

    Chitchat Ah Neh move back to India from Canada. The comments were so LoL

    Hating Ah Nehs is universal and accepted
  18. bobby

    Matlanders outraged, feel Malay language threatened by plan to bring Sg teachers in for English, Anwar strongly denies, says it's PM LW's idea not his

    Teaching Singlish to Malaysians is like trying to teach them to make nasi lemak with pork luncheon meat.