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  1. Cruxx

    ITT: Ban bets for the 2012 US Presidential Election

    Well, the candidate who spent more $$$ on this election campaign did win. But I'll honour my bet anyway. Cya guys in 24 months time! (No, I won't do something as bo liao as creating clones :D )
  2. Cruxx

    Boss Sam is a Bastard...

    Boss, how can I show my appreciation without divulging my personal information? :confused:
  3. Cruxx

    9-Year-Old Girl Sam Gordon Shredding Defenses To The Tune Of 25 Touchdowns

    Real football > American football. :)
  4. Cruxx

    Chitchat The Official TCSS Thread

    Re: The Official TCSS Thread , Champions League predictions Guess who I'm supporting? :D
  5. Cruxx

    Sinkie girl on Channel 8 dating show

    Re: Wanna get a SG wife? Start earning 6K a month Too singaporean for my liking :rolleyes:
  6. Cruxx

    Dumbass Bush did it again

    Dr Cheebye's doggy spreading lies again. :rolleyes:
  7. Cruxx

    singapore workers found to be happy woh!

    Singapore is the richest, healthiest, most innovative, least corrupt and happiest cuntry in the world! :D
  8. Cruxx

    Out of 407 NUS undergrads polled, 122 support WP, 6 support SDP

    You've just overstated the intelligence levels of Singaporeans. :rolleyes:
  9. Cruxx

    How important is a man's intelligence to a woman?

    How many billionaire rocket scientists do you know of? Between a billionaire and a rocket scientist, which one do you think most women would choose?
  10. Cruxx

    World's Top 20 High-Tech Nations - 2012

    My challenge remains: name one noteworthy sinkie-patented drug with sales of at least a 100 million USD. :) What a joke! "ThumbDrive" or "Universal Serial Bus flash drive" was first patented by Israeli Shimon Shmueli who worked for IBM. Why are chinks and sinkies given to lying to save face...
  11. Cruxx

    Sinkie girl on Channel 8 dating show

    Re: Wanna get a SG wife? Start earning 6K a month Here's the excellent dissection of the depreciation of women in full: Dear Pers-431649184: I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfully about your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your...
  12. Cruxx

    Thank you PAP, CAT A $77,201

    Absolutely. People support COE price hikes because there are no protests outside the Parliament.
  13. Cruxx

    Thank you PAP, CAT A $77,201

    Even if NS is mandatory for all male Singaporeans, it still shows that the vast majority of male Singaporeans are willing to sacrifice 3 years of their life performing NS. Majulah NS! Majulah PAP! :D
  14. Cruxx

    Thank you PAP, CAT A $77,201

    Yes. Singaporeans are the richest people in the world after all. Even the maids here have iPhones. :D
  15. Cruxx

    University student complains about low allowance from parent

    Tap of course! I don't believe in the chink masochistic nonsense of 吃得苦中苦, 方为人上人. I prefer to live like a human being, not a Chinese or a Singaporean dog. Look at the chink dogs here who cast opprobrium on "youngsters of today". Pathetic, really. :rolleyes:
  16. Cruxx

    Sam Leong Is Wrong

    Really? How much to make you jump off from the top of One Raffles Place? :rolleyes:
  17. Cruxx

    N.Z. Jobless Rate Surges to 13-Year High, Currency Plunges

    Dumb NZ government doesn't know how to control the media. :rolleyes:
  18. Cruxx

    Dumbass Bush did it again

    This report is true because I read it on the internet. :rolleyes: Anyway, why do singaporeans regard wealth as being synonymous with intelligence ah? Why are singaporeans so dumb? :confused:
  19. Cruxx

    USA Presidential Election

    A lot of dumb chink racialists are creaming in their pants at the prospect of chinkland becoming the next global superpower on the basis that the chinks hold more than $1 trillion in US debt. What they do not know is that those treasury bonds aren't assets. You can't actually liquidate them. The...