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  1. Oracle

    Two Banglas engaging in MMA brawl outside Lucky Plaza over filthy slutty Pinay.

    They are adding spice to our lives. Watch with pop corns and laugh.
  2. Oracle

    To stay competitive, PMET jobs to go to FTs, said PAP.

    Sinkies should be their own business owner and hired all these FT(s).
  3. Oracle

    [Video] - 2 Thai bapoks MMA fight, 1 armed with knife, stabbed the other in fight

    Are these two LB fighting over our resident @tonychat?
  4. Oracle

    [Video] - This is how Gay couples are like

    Is that bride. . . er . . . Sam Leong?
  5. Oracle

    ChatGPT has meltdown and starts sending alarming messages to users

    It is okay, we have "bugs" every now and then, just like this forum. & we do have "bugs" in SInkieland too, the 61 per cent.
  6. Oracle

    mother goes to school to beat son who spoke back to a teacher. Is this abuse or good parenting ?

    I would love to have her as my employee as she can easily collect all my bad debts.
  7. Oracle

    More lao sinkies signing on SAF as good jobs keep going to fucking foreign cunts

    Hopeless employee mind set. Because of fear thus search for security.
  8. Oracle

    [Sg] - Toast Box announces NEW PRICES for their menu (higher or lower than before? what do you think?)

    fucking simple kaya toast set is worth 6.2? :biggrin::roflmao: These are the prices for foreigners. I rather travel to Osaka -- a bowl of delicious ramen can cost only SGD 7~8, good enough to filled my stomach.
  9. Oracle

    This is what Josephine Teo is telling poor Sinkies who can't afford to travel

    Sinkie no money then please go to the nearest longkang to catch fish, or can go to the wild to catch spider.
  10. Oracle

    Can we leave office at noon time today

    BOSS: yes, you can leave forever! bye bye and hello CECAs :biggrin::roflmao:
  11. Oracle

    My tuition teacher Ms. Choi always sit like this...

    Why you self-masturbating? Ownself talk, ownself shiok?
  12. Oracle


    How much for short time or may be orgy? CD included?
  13. Oracle

    [Sg] -Now you can wear a free Texas Chicken S'pore hoodie with every S$34.90 set!

    "Chicken Get-Together Set". Geylang got branch?
  14. Oracle

    Jacqueline Wong now is a very happy person...

    She will give all Samsters in da house a very happy ending.