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  1. zeebjii

    [Video] - Netanyahu Shocked As IDF Announces Ceasefire In Rafah Without His Approval

    Wise up to not defend their homeland against the land thieves and genociders?
  2. zeebjii

    Cabby who was once MNC manager with master’s degree says he’s now happier being a cabby

    I thinks that's a requirement, to be well dressed to drive limo taxis.
  3. zeebjii

    this is what happens when you let an evil violent religion grow roots in your country

    The only violent and evil people i saw in the past few decades are USA, UK, France, Israel killing hundreds of thousands, even millions of Muslims in their own land.
  4. zeebjii

    SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE - NATO troops to enter Ukraine

    You are a clown unless you walk the talk and lead your army into Russia like Napoleon.
  5. zeebjii

    Serious Israel Winning In Gaza! Denazification Of Gaza In Progress! Israel Flag Now Flying Over Gaza!

    Not happy with stealing pockets of land in the West bank, they created a false flag to makan all of Gaza but it's increasingly clear that the plan has backfired spectacularly.
  6. zeebjii

    Chitchat Old Fart Lee toking through his ass

    I see the lake and the forest are still there.
  7. zeebjii

    Police called in to stop a fight between coolie genes Sinkie and Braised Meat Stall Owner!

    Yes, PRC. I was there when it started. She said the stall owner (a sinkie) was anti-china and bullied her because she's PRC, and she got really angry.
  8. zeebjii

    LW just laid the smackdown on CCS, OYK and Blackie Shan’s candy asses! Still think he don’t have the iron in him??

    Lee Yock Suan was my Cheng San MP for many years. I remember him as an unattractive man with lips too large for his face. Desmond definitely got his fathers lips.
  9. zeebjii

    Serious Gan Kim Yong Baptised With Fire! Now Promoted To Deputy Prime Minister!

    Meet the new cabinet, same as the old cabinet. I only now noticed they have a new jiak liao bee ministry to cater for a malay minister. So now it's not as obvious compared to last time when there's only the environment ministry.
  10. zeebjii

    Chitchat Pakistani Chiobu SYT Married Tiong Uncle can speak Henan Dialect!

    There are some clips with no filter. Still pretty, in fact more naturally beautiful without the filter.
  11. zeebjii

    Chitchat Gan Kim Yong looks out of depth speaking at an economic forum!

    I hope i didnt miss anything. Fell asleep after 3 min.
  12. zeebjii

    Lee Hsien Yang's latest FB post poking on PAP's recent scandals

    LOL its it an old man's disease to always add in insult at the end? LHY is just a weakling / coward who ran away at the first sign of trouble. Same goes for his son. Honestly, for both of them, what's the worst outcome? Whatever the outcome is it cannot be worse than JBJ or Dr Chee. At most a...
  13. zeebjii

    [Video] - Houthi Leader Says 'New War With USA' Has Begun, Hours After Houthi Drone Attack On American Warship

    1. 40 million citizens to take on 7 Billion Humankind World? Make that 6.999999999B. Im on the Houthi's side (In case you are wondering, im a sinkie chink)
  14. zeebjii

    Ghengis Khan killed 40 mil people, Mao Zedong killed 80 mil people.

    I don't believe these nice round double-digit numbers anymore. I believe they were exaggerated to make the "six millions jews died in Holocaust" believable.
  15. zeebjii

    Serious Hundreds Of Sinkies At Jewel To Welcome Prince William!

    Cannot compare to King Marcos meeting his subjects at Lucky Plaza.
  16. zeebjii

    Serious Israel Winning In Gaza! Denazification Of Gaza In Progress! Israel Flag Now Flying Over Gaza!

    They can be so cocksure of a few Hamas people hiding in some gaza premises, but couldn't detect a whole bunch of them taking their own sweet time killing and kidnapping israelis in their own backyard?
  17. zeebjii

    woman and baby girl

    Cannot recall reading about Muslims suiciding themselves here, at least not in this manner.
  18. zeebjii

    Serious Israel Winning In Gaza! Denazification Of Gaza In Progress! Israel Flag Now Flying Over Gaza!

    Why? Will take more than retards to know, but even a retard can tell it's a setup. 7 hours response time lol.