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    China Girl

    Muahaahaaa You hit him Right between his balls man
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    singaporean cannot be AngMo, so dun KayKiang and kaya in open water

    Singaporeans cannot differentiate fact and fantasy, just because they can row a kayak they think that they know a lot about the sea but in fact they know fuck all.. Only retards are going out to the open sea in a row boat during monsoon season...
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    Another Sinkie died un-glamorously making another headline

    Condolences to the family...people taking high risk sports must know how to differentiate between fact and fantasy first..
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    Offer a $15,000 salary to work in Kuwait, should I take it up?

    Your package should include : 1. Basic salary 2. Accommodation / transport 3. Utilities - water electricity broadband cable tv 4 Laundry 5 relocation fees / children's school fees 6 air tickets every 6 months 7 home leave / annual leave 8 medical insurance /...
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    I feel insulted - Indian Bank Job $7/hr. FUCK FAPEE TRAITORS!

    he is not practical at all, the agency was trying to let him make some money instead of doing fuck all and not getting paid at all;)
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    FT said our hell system very good and cheap

    His name sounds more like a KEE LENG FT...
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    Wow now sinkie gang also spread overseas.

    Where got SS use facebook, they think SS stupid is it? Once upon a time Singapore SS very influential in Holland, they are nicknamed The Commandos because that is what they recruit exactly - Ex Commandos. They ran a big drug ring om Holland and was untouchable. Times have changed, its...
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    sick paedo jonathan wong kena cane b4 in sec sch for peepin at teachers

    Johnny got caught because he was too arrogant and stupid. Academia are only good with examinations and its stops there...:D
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    The Truth About RWS & MBS Job Creation

    8 hours day with a limit of 44 hours per week for non shift Up to 12 hours a day with a limit of 44 hours per week out of an average of 3 weeks is allowable before OT hours sets in. Your friend only told you Basic $1,500 per month after confirmation, did they tell you about their education...
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    Dirty Taekwondo ruling in Asian Games

    The Video clip was edited. If they wanted you to make an informed judgment, they would have shown you the entire clip as it was. Ask yourself why would the main judge whom is a Korean disqualify the participant? He is on TV and the international community can see his judgment, I am very sure...
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    fucktard SJI student Lee Ning Yuan threaten to report police for being called a sissy

    Re: fucktard SJI student Lee Ning Yuan threaten to report police for being called a s Muahahaahaa St Pat's and SJI u fuckers can never fucking get along can you ha haahaa The only thing that you guys share in common is when you fuck the same convent girl ha haahaa If I bring ACS into...
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    Best Blades

    The Fallkniven Pilot survival knife - SAN MAI Blade http://www.fallkniven.com/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/F1_3G_4ab9e66080273.jpg
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    hooray to Lim Swee Say - NTUC forced 1200 companies to pay 2.7 months bonuses

    So if the company mati mati dont pay bonus dont give increment, (1) what is NTUC gonna do about it? N O T H I N G ;) (2) what can NTUC do? N O T H I N G ;) (3) Will the companies be fined? N O P E :o (4) What can the staff do? N O T H I N G :mad: (5) Can...
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    Best Blades

    Good blades dont come cheap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLz51DYch-Q&feature=related
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    Son late for O-levels, mum blames school

    I see the print as 03:00... Why the school did not check the prints? Teachers and principals Dont care?? dont know??
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    street corner gangs are small fly la say sg police

    Street gangs are small fly? Apparently the SPF have a big problem right now trying to contain them. What is the use of going round the island making arrest? They think that these guys will be scared shit? No, off course not, because go back to station or CID office they wont be beaten up till...
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    安邦酿豆腐 chased customer when boy eats chicken rice from next-door

    She did what she did deliberately to pick a fight....
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    Police recovered 13 parang from 369 gang

    Actually, that's the main purpose of the tip being heavy as it maximises the damage whichever part is hacked at, embedding itself in the wound/bone. Try it on a coconut. The kukri works on the same principle except that it has a sharp edge for stabbing:eek: The king of all edge...
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    Police recovered 13 parang from 369 gang

    Beautiful blade, this tool is tip heavy, if the guy swings it at the target, hopefully he hits it spot on or else it will not be easy to wiled this tool, technically speaking.
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    Japanese got citizenship at 19 for serving NS, Now...

    I totally agree with you!! Those who paid with sweat and blood must be allowed to stay, not to those fucking FTs whom chose to be PRs when being called to serve....