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    SURGEON Susan Lim - my ex-lover is in the disciplinary panel

    Threatening Lee's SG? The whole thing is threatening to get ugly.
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    Top 5 things GMS should have learnt from SBF

    No lah... if he goes away, there won't be fun things to read and reply anymore.
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    $5,000 p/mth salary and career gone

    He is a restaurant owner wannabe lah. If he is running a restaurant, you think he has the time to come here writing nonsense professing his love for all things PRC? He needs to have his head checked.
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    SDP Wall of Shame

    My apologies to all for overlooking.:o
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    SDP Wall of Shame

    A piece of advice for GMS - People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
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    Young Sporns Hate FAPee TRAITORS to Core. Revolution in the Air!

    Careful now. Inciting riots will get you a knock on the door at 2am from someone inviting you to drink kopi at cantonment road.
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    Young Sporns Hate FAPee TRAITORS to Core. Revolution in the Air!

    If this is truly written by a 14 year old, than I think she needs therapy. Blaming on the garment solely for your hardships is not right. She thinks if she goes to another country, all will be rosy?
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    If you are extremely wealthy

    Pray tell how you gave up a life of wealth and plenty.
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    wife of Labroy Marine commit suicide over husband's affair

    Money can be a curse sometimes. Money gives but it can also take. It takes away happiness in a subtle way... The poor has happiness that money cannot buy. At least when you are poor you appreciate all you have. People are good to you and you know it's sincere and they don't have anything to...
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    Feng Tianwei: STTA's Player of the Year again

    How can anyone in their right mind consider her a Singaporean. She knows nothing about our history, our culture, our life. All she knows is "Shi Bu Shi" Ping Pong and making money from Sinkees!
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    Help Dr Chee campaign: $3.7K left to go

    S$3,700 should not be a problem with SDP to raise. You mean Chee doesn't have that? OK, so what if WE can raise that. I can tell you that he will go back to his ways of getting himself into trouble again and getting back to jail or fined heavily. When will he ever learn? Politics in Singapore is...
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    72.3% drive their children in flashy car to elite schools

    Wonder what is the percentage of kids who graduate from elite schools turning to major white-collared evil-doers, conmen, cheaters,.... when adults ala Durai, Kong Hee Fatt Choy, Ming Yi, Rasif, LKY, ...etc
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    Today is consider my last day of cny,even the kids are greedy for $$,God help us all!

    Re: Today is consider my last day of cny,even the kids are greedy for $$,God help us Ang pow as in all things given, is bound for abuse. I always give standard $10 every year so no expectations for more. And I always say with a smile to kids and adults alike before giving any ang pow: This is a...
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    Man banged GF's head on wall and used lighter to burn her hair

    If the asshole had any guts, he'll engage in a one on one with me. I'll smash his head in.
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    Fengshui at RWS Genting Casino

    Casinos will win because of their house advantage. Feng Shui with or wthout.
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    CSJ Is Going to Prison

    Those two are what he aspires to be. That is why he always looks forward to going to prison. A good opposition politician does not seek to self destruct by going to prison, he works around the system and stays clean for the benefit of himself and his party.
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    CNY was meaningful in the past because...

    On the contrary. Things that are harder to come by is appreciated a lot more and enjoyed a lot more. Someone once told me that you are much happier being poor, looking forward to things than when you are rich and having everything put on your lap. I now realise how true those words are.
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    CNY was meaningful in the past because...

    it was the only time we get to wear new clothes, fire crackers, eat "expensive" food like pork, chicken... Now it somehow rings empty as we become more affluent and can afford to do these things anytime of the year.
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    At last, a Muslim files court summons on LKY's remark

    This Ravi guy is like a rebel. Every case that goes against the garment, you see his name.