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    Very Beautiful Sceneries in AmeriKKKA - Pro-Palestine Protest Spreading!

    This is nothing NEW lah ! Just history repeat itself. Back in 1968 Columbia University student protests also make headlines. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1968_Columbia_University_protests
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    [Sg] - Yakun toast in 2024

    Don't worry, PAP regime had found a holy grail to stay in power perpetually. Just keep printing NTUC Vouchers (which is printing $$$ from thin air) and than get it distributed at all the RCs. Their supporters would payback to their $$$ printing Master generously through their votes.
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    [Sg] - Bilahari Kausikan speaks : No good options for either Israel or Iran

    This fella really believe wholesale all the CNN 99% crap talk and take it as though the Israelis air defence is impenetrable. Every nation who aspires air superiority but could not afford all the billion dollars F-35/F-18 or Sukhoi squadron can learn from this multi-layer saturation attack...
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    Terror in Sydney suspect looks like

    Australian Orthodox Church Bishop, Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was reportedly stabbed just couple of hours ago talks about his trip to the Gaza strip.
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    The Chose People has Abandoned the Land, Just Like They Did Thousands of Years Ago.

    They knew Netanyahu government is now spreading Zelensky-type propaganda that they managed to intercept 103% of the total number of drones and missiles. Nevatim was defended by the world’s most advanced integrated anti-missile defense shield which incorporated Arrow 2, David’s Sling, THAAD, and...
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    OYK on suicide watch! Lawrence Wong to become PM on 15 May!

    Watch out not the puppets playing in front of the stage. Watch instead who are the puppeteers pulling string behind the stage - WEF, Blackrock etc
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    SIA Solitaire VVIP treated worse than cattle in Suvarnabhumi airport

    Absolutely. The Solitaire man who get so puffed-up and deluded by SIA ego-pandering marketing tricks for 30 years is indeed a very lonely man.
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    Cambodia moves to 'drain the swamp' with arrest of tycoons

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    Cambodia moves to 'drain the swamp' with arrest of tycoons

    Exactly. The biggest global money printing machine sure find it's way to gain influence in all these 3rd world countries. People get so easily fooled by these so-called tycoon who are primarily their laundry agent.
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    洪金宝said“能老,是一件幸运的事” I think so too!

    Frankly, all thier movie fans who watched thier Cantonese-speaking movies, do they really care where thier ancestors come from ? Probably not. Btw, if these two fellow have children or grandchildren and when being asked "Where are you from?" what is more likely reply - Hong Kong, a primarily...
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    Everything is for sale in SG

    THis is just another classic example how the global woke Mafias taking control of every brand name they can lay their hands on. Beside gaining financially from the revenue generated, every new acquisitions become a new channel to push thier DEI/ESG crap - from employees, suppliers to consumers...
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    Fewer people are using Elon Musk’s X as the platform struggles to attract and keep users, according to analysts

    All these WEF woke mouthpiece are now seeing the consequence of their action.
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    Singapore Airlines is shit these days

    Nothing surprising. If you spotted Burmese working as nurses in all our gov and private hospitals many years back, that's the same going to happen in the airline industries. Nothing is going to stop that once SIA found cheap & reliable & compliant source of labour.
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    Singapore Airlines is shit these days

    Then the next question come - How come Singaporean Chinese are not trilingual ? And if they're Hokkien or Cantonese by descent, how come they couldn't speak Hokkien or Cantonese anymore ?
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    Cheap Malaysia SIM data card for a few days

    Most SIM Card nowadays requires you to register. TuneTalk had one which is valid for 30days and cost only RM$28. I was amazed when the vendor told me, no need to register. After 30days just dump it.
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    After sinki Dali Ship, now Sinki Bus also crashed into road divider at Bedok, why hah?

    Noticed one thing very common on all these vehicle accidents report in SG - XXX was arrested on suspected drunk driving. BAD GUY identified. Case CLOSED. Our State-sponsored journalists and SPF are so smart and perfect that every case they can solved immediately ON THE SPOT. And believe me, you...
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    [Sg] - 59yo coffeeshop owner who fought with a drunk migrant worker died of a heart attack shortly after

    I was trying to imagine what's going to happen if one get into a heated argument with a "Safe and Effective" subscriber and all of a sudden that fellow collapsed and died ? May not be legally liable but still all the Zaobaos journalist and Stompers around busy uploading photos, that itself in...
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    Key facts about India’s growing population as it surpasses China’s population

    True enough, your assessment that being one of the most populous country is synonymous to being superpower is very much hyped up. Not just by the western media but also very much by the nationalistic media in India. THough I had traveled couple of times to India for the past 2 decades but mostly...