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    Adam Khoo tells you about the secrets of his success

    Adam Khoo changed at least 3 businesses to date. Started off with kiddo motivation capitalizing on Singaporean parents' kiasuism in the early 2000s, then tried to change themselves into "respectable" corporate / government training consultants. Now with the kiddo business contracting and not...
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    Own a car affordably in Sinkieland, no COE

    Er... I'm not quite getting why this is a fantastic idea. Even if we assume all your optimistic assumptions materialize consistently, $7800 for 9 months translates to $10400 p.a. that works out to $104k for 10 years. That is assuming COE prices remain constant and don't go up further, otherwise...
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    why is it when people get older they tend to be more stubborn?

    Depends on what you mean by stubborn and in what context. At work – Older people are stubborn in the sense they are resistant to changing their ways of working, accepting the opinion of their younger colleagues and embracing new technology. This is often attributed to brain too old cannot learn...
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    Can any samster give some advice to this Sinkie why can't he find a job ?

    As someone who has worn the shoes of a hiring manager, my take for Imran’s career predicament are as follows: Big Picture: The Singapore labour market is generally very unkind to PMEs. Most MNCs will start managing out employees in their late 40s and early 50s if they get stuck at mid...
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    useless tin pei ling..jobhopper, patchy resume, corporate world kanna by pap people to absorb a piece of dead wood in their organisation

    LOL. DCS is still alive? It seems that they've already given up on their own Dinner's Club platform and are now simply issuing Mastercard and Visa cards as well, so not sure what's the purpose of having a DCS Mastercard??? Many of these non-banking credit cards at least have some specific use -...
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    [Sg] - Jap bu tourist dulan and made police report after kena charged $938 for 1 chili crab by Seafood Paradise in Sg

    To be fair to Seafood Paradise, the amount charged for an Alaskan crab is reasonable for a restaurant. If she had gone to the Me Di Ya Japanese supermarket, they sell each raw leg of an Alaskan crab for around $15-20 each, so one whole crab fully cooked in a restaurant ending up $900+ is...
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    Singaporean George Yeo proposes creating a China Commonwealth as his brilliant solution for Taiwan-China conflict

    Not only William Lai, pretty much all the presidential contesters are now regurgitating Ma Ying Jeou's 3 Nos policy in different forms. Basically do not actively seek independence or re-unification, wrap around the existing ROC flag, pursue peace and cooperation with China etc. From his...
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    Singaporean George Yeo proposes creating a China Commonwealth as his brilliant solution for Taiwan-China conflict

    It might have a decent chance of working 10 - 15 years ago, but it's not gonna cut the mustard now. With the recent tectonic shift in US-Sino power and influence globally, there is no incentive for China to accept this nebulous "Chinese Commonwealth". The DPP under William Lai has already...
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    Serious Prediction of pe results for sbf reputation points

    Yes, totally agree with you. Not only is online noise a poor indicator of actual results, a lot of opposition supporters need to learn how to engage middle grounders in a calm and nonchalant fashion to draw out their actual views. I notice a lot of oppositions supporters approach the topic of...
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    Serious Prediction of pe results for sbf reputation points

    Variance from actual results: Tharman (+5%) NKS (-4%) TKL (-1%) Average variance per candidate ~3.4%, think it's fair enough to say in this thread I came closest? :smile:
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    Serious Prediction of pe results for sbf reputation points

    Tharman - 65% NKS - 20% TKL - 15%
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    The Powers of Elected President that they DON"T want you to know

    A quick summary of the President's duties and powers can be found here: https://www.istana.gov.sg/The-President/Presidents-Duties/Constitutional The problem though is non of these powers are of any interest to most opposition supporters and certainly not within scope of what Tan Kin Lian...
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    Another anti-China Ah Neh

    Is he an Indian or Indonesian? His photo looks more Indonesian than Indian if you ask me. I took a look at his blog and most of the stuff he wrote is on Indonesia. http://evanlaksmana.com/southeast-asian-security http://evanlaksmana.com/indonesian-foreign-policy Just reading the headlines of...
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    [Analysis] Can China afford war with Taiwan? Rand Corp: 1 year war between China & Taiwan would reduce China's GDP by 35%, ending with China's defeat!

    Is this a clickbait title? The article actually refutes Rand's unrealistic assumptions point by point... Anyway Rand's conclusions make no sense on a prima facie level. If it were really that simple and straightforward leading to a Chinese defeat, the US military and Taiwanese independence...
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    Is Adelaide a boring city ?

    Generally nothing much to do, it's less metropolitan than Sydney / Melbourne so I wouldn't recommend wasting time there unless you have days to spare.
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    How much should you pay for general aircon cleaning ?

    I strongly do not recommend you take up this sort of unnaturally low priced promotions. This will end up no different from those $5 haircuts or $30 spa / slimming program. Most likely they will do a hack job with minimal effort and start upselling you all sorts of expensive services after that.
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    It's Official! Speaker TCJ apologises like a dog for calling Jamus Lim a "Fucking populist" in parliament

    Personally I don't think this is really that big of a deal, just the usual PAP elitist attitude. Like I've always said, probably all of the PAP higher ups think this way, but only CCS is candid enough to do it right in front of everyone's face and he got the most flak. The rest of his PAP...
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    US China Talk Talk Talk, dun seem to gel at all, they should seek help from China Whisperer to smooth things out?

    Agree and so far based on actual Chinese government actions and policy papers this appears to be their central strategy. Slow, steady, minimize risk and remain "asset light", i.e. don't make the same mistake as the US and USSR did by maintaining all sorts of expensive and unsustainable alliances...
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    US China Talk Talk Talk, dun seem to gel at all, they should seek help from China Whisperer to smooth things out?

    Indeed I think the trend is very apparent that the emerging economies are starting to dislodge the dominant position of the west. However it is important to also take note that these countries are not really aligned on the exact mechanics and pace of this trend. Some of the smaller and weaker...