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    ICA jiakliaobees confiscated toy water guns from kids at the airport

    Really brainless and overkill! Hurt a child's feelings and innocence. Anyone except the ICA people can see that it is a harmless toy; so fake so plastic and so colourful. Its obviously not even a replica of a real gun.
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    Chitchat Josephine Teo holding a fan for the emperor Loong

    Super porlanpar. So subservient and self-demeaning.
  3. K

    Old Singapore

    I remember there is also Abdullah 37!
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    can go istana and see swearing in of new pm ceremony?

    Its not an open house. If so, you can bet alot of freeloaders and old retirees will swamp the Istana for the free food..
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    [Sg video] - LHL laughs at the possibility of Pritam Singh and the Oppies forming the next Sg Govt

    He who laughs last, laughs best! So smug and complacent.
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    Tan Chuanjin is now a sensei!! Teach you how to eat mango!

    Since time immemoriam! Higher the pay, the hornier they become.
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    Police called in to stop a fight between coolie genes Sinkie and Braised Meat Stall Owner!

    "...officers successfully mediated between the two parties." Did they apologise to each other and shake hands or what? Lol
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    [Sg] - Three Indian Naval Ships: INS Delhi, INS Shakti and INS Kiltan n the way to South China Sea (SCS), arrived at Singapore

    They want to join in the fun because it's China! Always the second fiddler. First lorded over by the UK and now licking Uncle Sam's like a lap dog.
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    [Sg video] - 2 S'pore cars face-off at junction in Lentor Green & refuse to budge, police called to resolve matter

    These 2 cunts should be booked for public nuisance and wastage of police resources. Really petty behaviour!
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    RSAF Bought F35 That Requires US Password Everytime You Want To Use?

    Singapore the ultimate USA balls-sucking carrier cum flag bearer in SE Asia. Stupid waste of money. Should use the money on the useless F35s on a second hand aircraft carrier if they really want to show off and scare the shit out of Indonesia and Malaysia.
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    Gay Pedo Diplomat dismissed from SG Embassy in Ty! Guess the race, nationality, religion and etc!!

    So horny but stupid. Sacrificed all his years of service at a lucrative pay package and perks; not to mention bringing shame to his family and relatives! Its really a case of gua simi lanjiao!
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    [Sg] -Pes E EDMWer dulan that MinDef won't let him run SAF marathon, claims he's just as fit as any Pes A guy!

    He should thank Mindef for disallowing him to run and not to drop dead. Fitness is a self- illusion!
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    Chitchat SYT Tampines minah Executed By Chiongster

    So sad. Still so young.RIP!
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    This fucking coolie gene Sinkie is a thief.

    6 months cheap cheap. If he is not a professor, he will get 6 years' jail instead. Lol
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    This is how Jo Teo looks without makeup or filter. Chio boh?

    Who do you call? Ghostbusters! :biggrin:
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    SPG Architect killed by Coolie Genes Sinkie in Spain

    Spot on ! Thin lips usually connotes evil and calculating as well.