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    Michelin-starred Whitegrass Restaurant jiak grass, uplorry on 22 dec 2018!

    Most probably Chijmes wants to up their rent to a ridiculous level.
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    Chitchat MRT safety top priority

    "Business opportunity!" :D
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    Serious US ready to whack Kim bui bui gaolat gaolat for firing ICBM

    USA has been threatening since April 2017 but Bui Kim did not give any shit and carried on firing and testing. USA has lost all credibility. It's lame threat is no longer taken seriously.
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    Serious UN Says Zikapore's Approach To Cybersecurity Is Near-Perfect! PAP! PAP!

    Oh no. This is an invitation to hackers worldwide to come and test their skills. Expect more security breaches in the next few months.
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    Serious 1st Time I agree wtih Bill Gates, fuck Humanity be Brutal!

    Bill Gate is right. Europe will become hot bed for ISIS if they let in more ROP refugees.
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    Chitchat Clown Ang Moh Trump Navy Destroyer got DESTROYED many dead n missing! HUAT!!

    Bui Kim must be laughing. He did not have to fire anything and one US boat has sunken.
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    Serious [ Singapore News ] Beware of Indian : Double Agent inside Government

    He is very capable of flipping prata and playing both sides.
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    Chitchat Creepy Jap man hunts down Sinkie girl he had crush on 40 years ago

    He should have just kept the memory and not look for her. Now that he met the ah mah, cannot even fap to the photo next time!
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    Chitchat "Khaw Boon Wan given personal space in MRT carriage to reflect on his policies"

    Nobody went up to ask for his daughter's number? ;)
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    Chitchat Son of Laid off SPH Staff Feel Betrayed LOL

    Imagine his dad has been sucking don't know how many PAP cocks for so many years. Still PAP fuck care his dad. What do you expect from Sinkie Propaganda House?
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    Serious Driverless car so fast already langar, bloody menace on the roads, fucking PAP

    Driverless bus should langar those inconsiderate cyclists who think the roads belong to his grandfather!
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    Serious Chink's currency on a down swing

    I thought US has been complaining that China purposely undervalue the RMB? Down will go down some more?
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    The inside on LTA Train Debacle Cover-up

    Should some people be investigated for corruption?
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    MSM chief knows shits about Transportation?

    He has as much experience as a retrenched duty free shop manager running SMRT.
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    GPGT - PAP MPs Do Work "Very" Closely Together

    Copied from http://www.singsupplies.com/showthread.php?226477-GPGT-The-woman-in-David-Ong-affairs-is-a-PAP-Bukit-Batok-Member post #101