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    A Singaporean's guide to living in Thailand

    Anyone know good thai visa agent in Singapore to help apply retirement visa.
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    Which is a better for travelling for a few months? Looking at Cabin Zero and Decathlon. Any others I should look consider?

    Please consider the weight of the bag, I made a mistake of of buying Pacsafe which is a fantastic bag but are quite heavy if you are carry it most of the time.
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    Serious Profits Above Peasants - Ruler Loong wants to re-open Peasantpore

    The retard cesspool of EDMW has finally arrived here.
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    Hong Lim market got braless vietbu selling beer

    Some sinkies are so uptight. Must be 61%
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    People who only read headline will be surprised that there will be not much different between 2 and 3. It is really much ado about nothing.
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    ccb dotard own party also tell him to fuck off

    He is not republican no need to listen to these Low life treacherous senators.
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    NEA officers tio hoot... Grace FU buay song

    Smokers are Low form human.
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    Trump is a Loser

    I like him. too bad we have pinky.
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    Female drivers are bad enuf. Tiong ones are worst !

    3 type of license, legit, Kopi and blowjob.
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    Malaysian Food is Better Than Singaporean Food, Period.

    I hope border open soon so that we can eat the better food.
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    Chitchat Blackie Obama Says MAGA Trump Worstest US President!

    Agreed. for the matter, Trump are not even republican, he used to be "left"if there is any meaning to the word, But I sense some "left leaning"in our country. whatever shit happened in the west most likely to arrive here.
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    Chitchat Blackie Obama Says MAGA Trump Worstest US President!

    When Trump return to office next month, I hope he will take note of the blatant left leaning 158th bias and act accordingly.
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    PAP likes to keep wages low for Sinkies but has no problem to raise salaries of ministers to way beyond international standard.

    Of course must reward hard work and talent, these 39% are Low quality people who think they deserved high pay but cannot get.
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    Phase 3 is coming soon......

    For those 39% non compliance, thank you for contributing $300 each to our nation. :smile:
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    shirley chua beisong ntuc

    Typical uneducated old people like her who discovered social media fb account think they know things and post dumb comment. her english! not even a lowly sinkie standard.