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    [Video] - Netanyahu Shocked As IDF Announces Ceasefire In Rafah Without His Approval

    IDF is staffed by reservists. Probably wised up to the fact that it is politicians pitting two peoples against each other. Question is, can Hamas rank and file wise up?
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    Unhindered by academia PC, Israeli tour guide tells painful truth about Islamic values

    The battle is not about a fucking miserable strip of land.
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    Chitchat Ah Neh move back to India from Canada. The comments were so LoL

    not everyone can function as a 2nd class citizen
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    Serious CNA ATB Weidu get DU by AMDK!

    Nothing impressed. Do cartels do own research before mess people up? When cartels find out she PRC citizen n her connections, stayed clear or didn’t make things too hard for her, that’s why documentary succeed. No cartel want to mess with CCPee the lumbar one cartel in the world and chief...
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    PAP Sim Ann go Ukraine Peace Summit Holiday

    No point for Sim Ann to be there, SG cannot offer anything to help UKR. And the UKR publicity whore of a El Presidente needs to cut a deal with Putin, sooner the better, before the weight of Russian power overwhelm Ukr and before Ukr become a wasteland testing grounds for world’s mil-industrial...
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    Chitchat SPG Chiobu gave up dreams to become ambulance operator

    Becoz psychologically she needs to be in empowered job where customers are already medically helpless, unlike the rich tai tais always bossing her around in salon
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    New Star Wars Series Gayest Ever! C3PO is now an AssRaider!

    So now there is diversity human representation in SW universe, for years SW been behind Star Trek for light years. Want your all White supremacist SW go watch New Hope on repeat.
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    102-year-old woman working at provision shop in Beauty World Centre goes viral on TikTok

    At least she is a towkay neo and not cardboard auntie. Nothing to see Tik Tok libtards, move along.
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    Love beyond borders: Vietnamese woman finds love with Nigerian man

    Jialat! The poor kid will be mistaken for a Ameri-Gook bastard of a GI and Viet whore of Vietnam War. Only diff is no green card, got Afrika card, can?
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    Former ST political desk journalist: We were not allowed to report on good opposition candidates or highlight anything good about them

    Those dark ages before internet were long and dark. In 1991, LTK quietly slipped into Hougang under JBJ's long shadow while media whore's attention was focused on Chiam's SDP. Pappies learnt all these tricks from the Commies. Fuck PAP!
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    So many police people to drag stubborn syed putra mule out of the car

    FREEZE! GET OUT OF CAR WITH HANDS UP OR WE WILL SHOOT!... jialat, how SPFffft going to protect us?!
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    China Hans love malays. I got chance too.

    The underlying message is clear but not very clear...so if Asean helps China legitimize South China Sea claim China will share goodies???!
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    Many CCPee fans transfer money to singapore goalkeeper Hassan Sunny

    Our local footballers deserve a better future than Arse-League
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    Your housing problem solved

    Post some more and landlords and police will know and start to kacheow car sleepers. Walmart now no longer welcome sleepers in their lots tks to YouTubers showing off how smart they are
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    [Sg] - National sprinter Shanti Pereira to marry national sprinter Tan Zong Yang

    These are privileged rich Sinkies whose parents can afford sports and overseas studies
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    Jiuhu Boleh....Sinki guru can go teach in Jiuhu Sekolah hah?

    Must teach in Bahasa? Prayer time must stop teaching?
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    Kelantan approves bill on higher fines for 'unrestricted mingling' of men, women.

    As if this is going to change anything. Just meet and fuck in Thailand