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    Disgraced Slut Cheng Li Hui (TJC's whore) is leeching $60k Director Fee at Sheng Siong.

    How come non executive director are paid more then executive director
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    Now We Know How Deep The Stink Goes in MFA

    I think because those is already public they would probably want to make him an example.
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    Chitchat SPG Former Stewardess Chiobu Become Quitter in Canada!

    Admire her willingness to challenge herself constantly. It's the right thing to do. Singapore deserves such talent. It's our loss. Hope she comes back to Singapore one day
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    [Sg] - Feel like I just kena scammed!': customer dulan he had to pay $17.20 for nasi padang at Paya Lebar food court

    Nowadays going to eat economic rice also not cheap. Nasi padang is notorious for it's high price. Have to be careful
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    [Matland] - Johor Sultan : "When I become King soon, I will hunt down and jail every single corrupt Malaysian in the government"

    Can the Malay rulers be held accountable in a court of law? Or can they be voted out? Seems a bit dangerous if theres no checks and balance
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    How much is RK's exposure to Puteri Harbour ? Jen Hotel Closed. Southern Marina Construction Stopped

    I think the bottom has being reached. With the recent stimulus of the RTS, the chief minister focus on making it easier for commerce between the 2 countries through making it easier at the customs, and the joint economic activities between singapore and johor plus the fact that the sultan of...
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    [Sg video] - AMDL played piano beautifully in Sg MRT station but nobody hiew, Singaporeans don't appreciate music?

    Music is too unknown. Must play more popular song then got people react
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    useless tin pei ling..jobhopper, patchy resume, corporate world kanna by pap people to absorb a piece of dead wood in their organisation

    She's young and well connected her educational profile seems pretty decent enough. And the public service background provides her a very high profile exposure. Such factors will put her in front of many potential candidates.
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    Around 90% of CEOs believe a recession is coming. Half of them are already planning for layoffs

    It's already happening. Economy is grinding down..
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    The COE System has Failed

    The video has Good proposals.. inflationary pressures is getting ridiculous. We need intervention and not rely on purely market forces to limit the number of vehicles on the road.
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    Ran into President hopeful Cock's Song 45 yr old chicken

    Maybe the tattoo is fake.
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    Ran into President hopeful Cock's Song 45 yr old chicken

    Don't think the tattoos are real. Maybe fake la
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    Retrenched PMET driving for a living says he can’t afford to spend his last days in Singapore

    It's true.. because Singaporean males have to serve army, they are disadvantaged at the work place because of first mover advantage unless there's some compensating mechanism to even the playing field.
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    [Sg video] - Russian AMDL Sophia living in Sg

    Wow slim and pretty keyi
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    Serious Ex-Director In Good PM Lee's Office Charged For Corruption! Oppies Still Think PAP Tolerates Corruption?

    What a pity. His current job should pay well enough.. now got opening Liao.
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    Serious Very Chio ATB Raped in Maldives!

    Single woman travelling is always a risky venture
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    Serious Balls Shrinked! Grab Preparing Largest Layoffs in History!

    TPL supposed to be there to smooth things over.. hope she knows how to sort things out. But it is gonna be tough for those affected