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  1. borom

    $2 million a day in wages: The devastating Baltimore bridge collapse will have sweeping economic impacts

    If you read our MSM , they were writing in graphic details about why there was not enough safety features to prevent the collision and why the stucture was not strong enough. Laksaboy already mentioned they seems to be blaming the bridge for this incident instead of the ship or the crew. No...
  2. borom

    How GIC and Temasek are managing your money

    Can we appeal for a stern warning ?
  3. borom

    Sickipoora to build a pool of 100 nuclear experts. Sinkies please fuck off as only foreigners will be considered. No trust any Sinkie will qualify.

    Let me guess, they will be CECA, Pinoys, PRC's, Burmese as nuclear experts . Locals of course will be gainfully and (gratefully if I may add) employed in positions like sanitation experts ( cleaners) , logistic experts (drivers), and security experts (guards).
  4. borom

    The self-serving interests of women's rights movements

    When women start serving NS and the Women's Charter is abolished , we can talk about equality. Look at who is the past president or head of Temasek and you will know what I mean
  5. borom

    Chubb insurance reject death claim payout due to accident.

    Who are backing the insurance companies ? Answer that and cast your votes wisely
  6. borom

    Serious PAP Closing Down 6 Police Posts Permanently! Oppies Happy Now?

    Have they considered cutting down the number of bodyguards for ministers and the President first ? They should also reduce the numbers in soft jobs like anti vice
  7. borom

    Low ses coolie gene Sinkies in hdb Tengah continue to be fucked with leaking aircon system. PAP gave up and retard Sinkies just have to live with it.

    If LKY was to be around, such things will not happen, otherwise many heads will roll. Till today nobody has been sacked for this cock up and the same has happened for too long . Even asking them questions in Parliament , they will shout at you or say they do not like your choice of words ect2...
  8. borom

    CECA strikes again

    All these university rankings are rubbish as they do not incude the ability to secure employment. CECA univeristies will out rank our so called world class universities if ability to get a job is included. Anyway 70% can be easily placated by a few CDC vouchers to vote for more imports of...
  9. borom

    [Sg] - SkillsFuture : Would you like to pay $580 to learn how to clean up shit and wash toilets?

    What an absolute waste of public funds. The cleaning company can easily teach the new employees such a simple task . This is what happen when a group of people stay in power for too long and lost touch with reality
  10. borom

    CCP jailed man for sexual affair with Slutty ATB wife of PLA Soldier!

    In Singapore, you have to pay alimony even if the wife commits adultery and desert you and the children. Check with any lawyer
  11. borom

    Ji Gou Li Yi Xia, Singkee complain JHK always speak chinese in high crass MNC

    If you want to solve this problem and most of the problems here, you have to change the government that allow such things here first. You can try complaining to a labour union but the so called union itself is more interested in running supermarkets, hawker centres and insurance. You can try MOM...
  12. borom

    Tiong glasshearts vs Matland glasshearts : Matlanders offended after Tiong tourists say matland food sucks

    The present generation of PRC's are well known for wanting only to eat their own type of food when overseas. They prefer the taste of their own provincial food and for those working here, will cook as often as time allows as they cannot find their " own kampong " taste even in most local chinese...
  13. borom

    [Sg] - How would you feel if you kena this human jam at MBS now?

    Anybody notice that the MSM did not report anything on the potential disaster in the making?
  14. borom

    Chitchat Good News! Burmese will have NS Slavery for both Men and Women!

    Nothing new, learning fast from one of its neigbours who is also its biggest investor. No prize for guessing where the top military brass and their business partners put all their monies .
  15. borom

    Sinkie bitch Carolyn Leo made police report over MBS CNY crowd.

    I was there only because an overseas visitor wanted to see the so called River Hongbao and it was a horrible experience as stated clearly by the first post. There could easily have been a disaster and stampede given the extreme overcrowding esp at the 2 nearest MRT stations and I hardly see any...
  16. borom

    How to tweak the DSA: MOE will investigate any allegations of unfair practices in direct school admission exercise

    The whole system is flawed . If your kid need to apply through the DSA route , it means he is academically not good enough for that particular school . He will suffer even more because he is already lagging behind his school mates in his studies and by making him spend more hours on CCA (by...
  17. borom

    [Sg] - CECA CEO Piyush Gupta's 2023 salary of $15mil kena cut by 4mil as punishment for DBS internet disruptions

    Instead of being sacked he got paid S$11 million. Is this Paptocracy ? Other forms of Paptocracy involves apponting a man as Speaker despite him not stopping his affair wirth another MP for almost 3 years .
  18. borom

    [Video] - Al-Sultan Abdullah: I did not take a single cent of salary in my five-year working reign as King of Matland

    This is what is meant by service to the nation , not like some shameless group who demanded the highest salaries in order not to be corrupt and even dare to claim they are servng the country.
  19. borom

    Apartheid in progress in Malaysia : Muslim Only Swimming Pool in Malaysia

    I agree with you that its the Malaysian Chinese who are here to steal our jobs . They are also almost always PAP supporters , look at LBW, KBW, JP, AK ect2 . If the malaysian economy improves, hopefully there will be less of these people here