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  1. sherrry

    Bersih 3.0 Report - Photos

    maybe they were inspired by us??
  2. sherrry

    Missing pictures from esteemed PM's facebook

    no pictures of his daily booking in & out of OCS during his cadet days?
  3. sherrry

    The meaning of May Day lost in Singapore

    Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. It derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning "come help me".[1]
  4. sherrry

    LHL: I will wipe out Singaporeans!!!

    not entirely screwed my friend... new sh*tizens come in, point them to MBS or RWS, get them hooked (since striking rich & vacating the island is their primary agenda for coming here). the more they get indebted, the more desperate for $ they'll be, soon, their expected salaries will exceed our's.
  5. sherrry

    The Ironies of May Day Labour Day...

    MAY DAY is the international call sign for distress, usually used shortly before aircraft crashes & burns, or when seacraft is beached or sinking, or when people marooned on an island & waiting to die. Labor Day in all it's right is to commemorate & credit the working class for their tangible...
  6. sherrry

    Old Man not doing well

    i dont know whats all the fuss? he's not dead yet... he can only become a god, after he dies (ironic - gods/deities r supposed to be immortal). for the benefit of those with some form of faith: the goddes of mercy, KY is located at waterloo street the god of no mercy, KY is located at oxley
  7. sherrry

    $0.9B SMRT scandal?

    not long ago, 1.1B written off to SBS/ Trans-Island, now, another 0.9B written off to SMRT. whichever pink IC holder doesnt know who owns SBS, Trans-Island & SMRT... please surrender you pink IC.
  8. sherrry

    :: how would u poll?::

    Based on the scenario presented, it is obviously stupid to continue hiring a bunch of under-achievers that bleeds the company's finances, while the results fall short of fundamental expectations. Even if it costs severance fees to terminate them, it'd probably put a plug into the depleting of...
  9. sherrry

    Lily Neo: Ist World Country, 3rd World Living Standard

    she's a good MP, she's not the typical 'yes (wo)man' dressed in white. she does her job well in scrutinizing policies. besides, she looks damn good for her age.
  10. sherrry

    I am ending my life need 1 final help

    u're in the wrong section, i think u should be posting in the other section
  11. sherrry

    Are Government agencies even employing?

    very soon, we will see more & more foreign nationals working at MOM, so they can address foreign workers' complaints, because they need people that speak their native languages.
  12. sherrry

    MBT songbo?

    Was she braless? Is that her Nipple or a Nipple Patch??
  13. sherrry

    PRC wife forces Singaporean husband to sleep on floor

    the guy has only himself to blame for picking a chink for a wife. i think chinks r mother of all blood suckers.
  14. sherrry

    Serangoon MRT Pedustrian Bridge Project UNSAFE! LTA Wake Up!

    braddell view?????? since when was braddell view lumped into the aljuined grc? anyway, no matter how they dissect, the area is amassed by lots of upset residents & citizens. they just have to face up to the facts that the number play game just isnt going to work to their advantage in the...
  15. sherrry

    Sinkapor Obama receive $15m from ex-cigarette society

    notice the cheque states "fifteen million EXACTLY". i guess, they're a little different after all. gangsters/ mafias/ triads don't normally comply with mainstream practices.
  16. sherrry

    dis ahneh prata flipping skill damn solid sia....

    their roti prata is special, has extra protein & minerals. they didnt show how it manages to catch flies on its flight path to the frying pan.
  17. sherrry

    Ladyboys soliciting at Jurong West bus stop

    from orchard tower, to desker rd, to changi village, now jurong west also invaded? is it a sign that these ex-boys moonlighting as tranny to make ends meet?
  18. sherrry

    Angry ice-cream vendor attacks woman with walking stick

    maybe that stroller was the make-shift ice cream cart????
  19. sherrry

    Serangoon MRT Pedustrian Bridge Project UNSAFE! LTA Wake Up!

    if not mistaken, serangoon was under aljunied grc that almost lost to opposition in the previous GE. anyway, even if the complaints surface to town council, it usually stops there. if the complaint is made direct to LTA, there'd be some form of lame template written correspondence.
  20. sherrry

    FHM model shot dead in luxury hotel in Bangkok

    well, in singapore..... 1 cheap whore by the name of clinton666 is bad enough