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    Bros here know Tammy Tay ?.....Read on Reddit, she now doing hard porn leh....

    If her name is tammy, chanel, coco, maia or bella with lots of tattoos most likely she is a whore.
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    China prepares public for war to reclaim Taiwan

    Can predict that collateral damages will be very high, retaliatory damage against Beijing Shanghai
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    SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE - NATO troops to enter Ukraine

    The fucking tiong cock tried to hoodwink by trying to blend in.
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    How many fires caused by charging of PMDs?

    Should ask, how many are Made In Tiong Cock battery?
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    Only $16 in bank account: Grab driver dies at home, widow gets letter demanding payment of over $1,800 in charges

    Another Dud sinki worked whole life only got 16 dollars left in bank.
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    SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE - NATO troops to enter Ukraine

    The ruski also called in Tiong Cock and Nepali and some eastern bloc
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    Mavis Tutorial Centre- the only tuition centre in SG that lets you kids play poker in class while the teacher does nothing!

    When 6 out of 10 kids are duds and when they are taught by 60% of teachers who are duds themselves.
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    Taiwanese chiobu celebs post pro-China pro-unification message on social media, Tiongs approve

    杨丞琳 is a cunt. Last time she was let go of a variety show because she said Jap aggression towards China was "only" 3 years plus. Now, she embraced China like 再生父母。
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    Cleaner cheated of $400,000

    No medicine to cure "dud"ness.
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    Dear all, I have privy knowledge that Boeing's manufacturing contractors might cut costs at their sites and use inferior parts like nuts and screws. Although these items are non essential they add to the sum of total. 2nd, the pilots for SQ321 must face inquiry as to why there was no early...
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    Investments gone bad

    LIke i always say, Sinkies are duds.
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    SG most successful gold digger mouthbreather talks about her struggles, with planning her walk-in wardrobe.

    In olden Tiong Cock, these female duds laid down in coffin with 7 layers of gold jewels and precious notes on top of them.