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    Serious PAP Leasehold Landed Property Sold For $750k Despite Only 13 Years Left On The Lease! GPGT! Oppies Still Say PAP No Good?

    The land does not belong to the government lah. It is privately held by the late Koh Sek Lim, which Camelot took over as the trusteeship of the estate in July 2021. Nothing to do with PAP's credit. Don't mislead here.
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    Chitchat Property Market Continues To Chiong In 2021! The Sky's The Limit! Buy Normanton Park!

    Not willing to pay 30% ABSD to the government as I've already owned 3 properties at present.
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    China prepares public for war to reclaim Taiwan

    KNNBCCB all these provocations are done by Winnie for their domestic audience only. Their military might still has no capability to win against those from the US, UK and Japan combined.
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    Serious Singapore High Court orders Lee Hsien Yang to pay S$400,000 in defamation suit to Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan.

    Our fucking Kangaroo Court is never fair nor impartial. Those connected will get away most of the time.
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    BREAKING: Singapore Airlines #SQ321 just declared an emergency

    Actually, it's really cannot be blamed. However, unless it's a last minute occurrence, they should investigate why the pilots did not divert away or the control tower did not inform to the pilots about potential turbulence ahead and provide guidance for diversion. Sometimes, another plane...
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    BREAKING: Singapore Airlines #SQ321 just declared an emergency

    Probably very ti-ki and did not wear seat belt as instructed. You'll be "flying up" from your seat and hit your head hard against the overhead compartment above. Don't play play.
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    BREAKING: Singapore Airlines #SQ321 just declared an emergency

    It is quite common for severe air turbulence in the areas around the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bangal, north-west of Bangkok. Long ago, I once took a SWISSAIR night flight from Sin to Zurich via Bangkok. The flight after departing Bangkok (after midnight) was very bad and was shaking like...
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    Murika jin afraid Tiongkok seize High NA EUV Tool from TSMC one day

    TSMC is not stupid lah. In case of a Taiwan invasion by China and even if without any instigation from America, they would have already planned to destroy all their technically sophisticated machines on the spot. Since they are already incorporating their highest tech knowhow in Japan and the...
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    Is TCL aircon reliable ?

    I've been using DAIKIN (Made-In-Thailand) for ages, but have now switched to PANASONIC (Made-In-Malaysia). Both are equally good.
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    Breaking: Helicopter crashed, carrying Iranian President Raisi onboard.

    Ordinary Iranians are celebrating this crash.
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    F-16 crash update

    Shouldn't there be a manual override?
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    i am in hospital a&e now ... rib damaged waiting for xray

    You should ask her to use her 2 mangoes to massage your rib area 3 times a day. All will be fine after a week.
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    Moving ahead with SEZ plan (with Singapore)

    At the end of the day, it is going to benefit Johor more than Singapore. Sinkies who are constantly complaining about JHK working in Singapore and taking away Sinkies' jobs must now be prepared for an even worse outcome in the coming years. Good luck.
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    Sellers can list their flats on HDB Flat Portal from May 13

    They deserve it, especially agents from ERA. I had come across that most of them are scums. Nowadays whenever I want to list my Executive Pigeon Hole and Condo for rentals, I will always insist on NO ERA AGENTS PLEASE. There was one time when an ERA agent changed my (Password Locked) Tenancy...
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    Foreign workers and immigration issues will be main focus for SDP in next general election

    At least he has better credibility than that crook Lim Tean.
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    Huat ah! Byd fire in hongkong

    From Coffin-On-Wheels (Chinese EVs) to Flying Coffins (C919).
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    Huat ah! Byd fire in hongkong

    No, it's Burn You Die.
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    SPACEWEATHER: A major solar flare approaching the X5 level is currently in progress

    Globetards , please migrate to those countries to see your fake aurora. Experiencing a phenomenon/an effect is not equivalent to understanding science