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    [Pubic Service Announcement] Beware of fake war news

    The Russian military operation in Ukraine has led to many false or misleading videos, photos and claims being spread on social media. https://rattibha.com/thread/1497573556305158145?lang=en A video claiming to show a Russian tank in Kyiv running over a civilian vehicle turned out to be a...
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    Serious [Poll dedicated to Ethnic/Han Chinese sammyboy.com members! haha] Roughly 69% of China's population share only 46 (yes, forty-six) Chinese Surnames!

    If you accept these are Han Chinese surnames, then are the Koreans and the Viets also "Chinese" since their surnames are identical to Chinese surnames?
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    Madrasah Graduate Is Now a Deputy Public Prosecutor.

    Hidayat’s father is a retired chauffeur while his mother is a housewife. He grew up in a family of 6, living in a four-room HDB flat. Though he came from a humble background, he says that he has never considered himself to be underprivileged. He explains that he was privileged to have been born...
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    PM welcomes Foreigners on our National DAy

    https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/foreigners-seen-partying-noisily-rooftop-throwing-bags-rubbish-down-block-neighbouring Singapore is currently still under Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) as of writing with social gathering group sizes capped at two since July 20, but that hasn't stopped some groups...
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    Death of an Ex RI Boy with no next of kin

    Wah-lao eh - you dig up 2014 Thread. How many Rafflesians from Bras Basah already departed to meet Philip Liau, Weijasingha and other PRIs in the sky.......
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    Serious SG52 got quasi homeless living in Jurong Point Mall = 4 yrs

    He is Malaysian foreign talent work permit holder, not local.
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    Chitchat Surbana Employees Pawned Deep Deep!

    Is Ho Ching involved in this mess? Or pretend not to know?
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    Chitchat Dr M: Singapore was our territory but not now

    If the Johore Rhio rulers did not sell Singapore to the British, the Dutch would most probably have moved in and taken over the the whole of Malaya. That being the case, Malaya would have been part of the Dutch East Indies and on independence, Malaya and Singapore would have been part of...
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    Serious Sinkie Son Of Loser Senior Counsel Jailed For 10 Years AWOL! Father Useless Overseas

    Re: Sinkie Son Of Loser Senior Counsel Jailed For 10 Years AWOL! Father Useless Overs I wonder what about the case of the SAF Fighter pilot who migrated and then joined the Aussie Air Force? At least he fulfilled all his obligations to his ex country Singapore before selling himself to Oz....
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    Chitchat Dr M: Singapore was our territory but not now

    We usually have good thoughts about the country in which we received our education. In Dr Mahathir's case, it was the opposite. I read somewhere that as a medical student in Singapore, he was once mistaken for a lowly delivery boy and was told to use the servants' entrance instead of the...
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    Chitchat PAP politician spreading Fake News?

    There are only 6 living recipients of the Victoria Cross. Don't think any of them live in Hougang :rolleyes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_living_Victoria_Cross_recipients As of 2015, there are six living recipients of the Victoria Cross, three living recipients of the Victoria Cross...
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    Serious Terrex Confiscation: A Case of Mistaken Identity?

    I believe your 2 cents is worth much more than what the intel folks at Joint/SID can come up with.
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    Serious Minister Shan: "Nothing Will Be Swept Under The Carpet!" Unlike WP's Town Council

    There were people let off the hook, tio-boh? I have heard of one CPIB officer who misused his computer screening facilities for personal benefit. He was let off with a warning..... Under the law, he should have been prosecuted in Court..... This case should stain the image of the CPIB as being...
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    Chitchat Banana Leaf Curry really does lower my blood pressure - Yeah !!!

    No, I did not consume any fish head at Samy's at Dempsey . All I had was the masala chicken, fried fish, and the vegetables provided. I do miss the shop at Race Course Road called "OUR MAKAN SHOP" though..... their chicken curry was heavenly...... I do hope they have curry in the next life :o
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    Chitchat Banana Leaf Curry really does lower my blood pressure - Yeah !!!

    From the internet : Q. I accidentally learned that turmeric could help reduce my high blood pressure. It went from 160/80 to 140/60 after eating an Indian meal of curry. After I made this discovery, my nutritionist daughter advised me to use 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric daily. I add it to a small...
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    Chitchat Banana Leaf Curry really does lower my blood pressure - Yeah !!!

    Whenever I go for curry at Samy's, I found my blood pressure lowered mysteriously. To test if it was a dream, I stayed off my blood pressure medicines (beta-blocker) and went for curry today. Hah !! My suspicions were proven correct. Curry does indeed help to lower my blood pressure...
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    Chitchat PAP Turns A Blind Eye

    Malaysian doing menial jobs don't take away our jobs... Its the Indians, Pinoys and Ang Mohs who take away our PMET jobs
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    Chitchat USA Backstabs

    I blame the idiots in MFA and SID for not giving Pinky correct advice on dealing with USA backstabbers..... MFA/SID/PAP had all forgotten how the CIA tried to bribe his father for the release of one of their agents caught trying to subvert a civil servant for secret info And what secret info...
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    Serious Ah Neh Intolerant of Devout RC Family Burning Incense At HDB Corridor!

    Apa logic? When you burn hell money, you attract wandering roadside spirits. Then they hang around your house. They then threaten you to burn more.... or else.... Wandering roadside spirits are not entities that are reasonable or moral......