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    Serious Why America is Fucked!

    We are in good hands!
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    Spain Norway Ireland Recognize Palestine. Singapore....

    Singapore has not yet recognize Palestine state. This picture has not included the recent three European countries,
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    SIA sucks! Plane forced to turn back due to loss in cabin pressure!

    The SQ pilot must be hailed as a hero!
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    Chitchat Please Guess??? Sinkie Piak Piak underaged SYT at HDB Staircase!

    Man, 28, admits to sex act with 13-year-old girl at HDB staircase landing, possessing obscene videos of child abuse Nuria Ling/TODAY File photo of the Supreme Court in Singapore. Listen to this article 4 min This audio is generated by an AI tool. A 28-year-old man pleaded guilty on Tuesday...
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    CIA attempted to overthrow government in Congo!

    DRC army says it stopped attempted coup involving three US citizens Coup leader killed and 50 people, including Americans, arrested after men reportedly attacked presidency in capital Kinshasa Reuters in Kinshasa Sun 19 May 2024 17.08 EDT Share The leader of an attempted coup on Sunday in the...
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    China v. India

    ATB versus CECAbu. Samsters choose?
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    Serious Hokkien ATB Money Launderer Charged!

    Billion-dollar money laundering case: Suspect gets new charges of using forged papers, having criminal proceeds SINGAPORE — Lin Baoying, the only woman among 10 suspects in Singapore's multibillion-dollar money-laundering investigation, was on Tuesday (May 21) handed seven new charges. The new...
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    Chitchat Pinay Mayor Alice Guo kenna accused as ATB Mole for tiongland!

    Fair complexion no moles but talk like typical Pinay, Samsters steamed yet? I am a love child, not a Chinese spy, says mayor Joel Guinto - BBC News Tue, 21 May 2024 at 1:07 am GMT-7·4-min read Mayor Guo says she loves "my country", the Philippines [Facebook/Mayor Alice Leal Guo] A mayor of a...
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    Serious Thomson Peach Garden served Laosai cuisine!

    Suspension of Peach Garden restaurant at Thomson Plaza lifted: SFA SFA will continue to place Peach Garden under close surveillance. Hannah Martens The suspension of the Thomson Plaza branch of the Peach Garden restaurant has been lifted. According to a press release by the Singapore Food...