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    Life of a pajeet

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    Guess the race

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    Toilet the movie

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    Guess the race

    NO bobs and vagene for you shitskin pajeet
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    It has begun

    Brainwashed by singkie propaganda
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    Guess the race

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    It has begun

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    India’s PM Modi is likely to win a rare third term in office, but by how big a margin?

    Another term of open defecation and gang.rapes
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    Sun Xue Ling looks good and chio tonight

    Decent singkie bu, jeet will not dare to dream Property of ang moh with money
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    Netizens gush over wife of PM Lawrence Wong, says she looks like a 'Korean actress'

    They probably meant a comedian actress
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    [Matland] - Malays boycott Michelle Yeoh and many other celebs for not speaking out against Israel

    Its ok malay a bunch of no money drug addictsz nobodies loss Malays really sacrifice themselves for their arab masters all day everyay. You are just another chink to them
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    Sun Xue Ling looks good and chio tonight

    This thread is useless without pics Just for that im going to pollute your thread with pics of dirty shitskins
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    London infested with filthy Pajeet pigs

    Brahmin is just a word the jeets made up to other themselves from other jeets(like putting lipstick on a pig), at the end of the day they all smell and look like shitskins
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    Dirty Pajeet eye raped this girl

    While that is true in most situations, it was a dirty pajeet, and they are known to be rapey
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    Dirty Pajeet eye raped this girl

    Take a bath you unevolved monkey
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    London infested with filthy Pajeet pigs

    Dont worry they are all brahmin
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    If you were the last singkie man in the world, and you were forced to procreate to save singapores population

    Just singkie population will die out, the world will thank you for reducing the jeet population
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    Chitchat Pakistani Chiobu SYT Married Tiong Uncle can speak Henan Dialect!

    How can he handle the curry smell during sex?