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  1. The Crow

    Chitchat Lao Chio Michelle Yeo at Cannes, Samsters got jerk off?

    Which part of her is chio? ... :o-o:
  2. The Crow

    ByeBye Penis found hope!

    Found your KKJ? ... :o-o:
  3. The Crow

    Chitchat Johor to Become the next Shenzhen of Sinkieland!

    Dun worry cos 坡县 is one of Guangdong's 县 ... :o-o:
  4. The Crow

    my senior guy colleagie in his mid 50s just now chit chat with me and asked me what should he do...

    @syed putra 1000% confirm able to support ... :o-o:
  5. The Crow

    my senior guy colleagie in his mid 50s just now chit chat with me and asked me what should he do...

    You can 打包 her daughter with $2K monthly ... :o-o:
  6. The Crow

    Woman’s Jaw Stuck Wide Open After Yawning

    @syed putra 's kkj too big ... :o-o:
  7. The Crow

    The cutest little pup you ever saw

    下酒菜 ... :o-o:
  8. The Crow

    what is the reason why lawrence wong and his first wife divorce?

    Never achieve orgasm ... :o-o:
  9. The Crow

    Pinky should be busy today clearing his office stuff

    Crying while clearing ... :o-o:
  10. The Crow

    y girls i like always the smoking type...

    Most lady smokers are excellent sucker ... :o-o:
  11. The Crow

    Chitchat Lao Chio Michelle Yeoh wears Aluminium Foil to Met Gala! Samsters Got Steamed?

    Which part of her is chio? ... :o-o:
  12. The Crow

    Singapore going to change in 2 more day???

    No PH on that day? No respect for LW ... :o-o:
  13. The Crow

    Stupid bitch ordered $20 caixin, complain small portion

    She can add her own 发菜 ... :o-o:
  14. The Crow

    The motherfucker Minister of Transport must be SACKED

    Using PMD and yet use MRT ?!?!?! PMD's battery not enough? Tot delivery destination can choose nearby to their home. Therefore can go back home charge ... :o-o:
  15. The Crow

    Marcus Tan Wei Sheng admitted to consuming a dog's semen

    Tot only America got sick and psycho ... :o-o:
  16. The Crow

    [Sg] - Yakun toast in 2024

    Eat biscuit better ... :o-o: