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  1. Gluttony

    Spotted at Gardens By The Bay, Sinkieland

    * like that can meh?
  2. Gluttony

    Hokkien Gin during Songkran, shoot her face!!

    Water festival in Siam lo, but what do we have here?
  3. Gluttony

    AFR: Singapore orders all employers to consider flexi-time requests

    lai liao, all the "goodies aka taxpayers monies" . . coming out liao. . . :biggrin::roflmao: Just take back and vote them out!
  4. Gluttony

    CNY & HariRaya will be super close together in 2029 2030 and 2031

    Great, then we can celebrate together as ONE. One people, one nation, one Sinkiepore.
  5. Gluttony

    Marcus Chan Lup Ming not happy with Lawrence Wong

    Obviously Marcus Chan has a "poor dad" mentality.
  6. Gluttony

    [Sg] - Wang Lei kena banned by Matland Govt from entering Matland permanently

    knn knn knn knn. . . is this all he knows? he does not know how to talk properly?
  7. Gluttony

    New Straits Times: Ringgit hits new low against Singapore dollar

    buy more and keep, next time can cross the bridge and call chicken. maybe two at one go. :biggrin: song boh?
  8. Gluttony

    PAP celebrates that more foreigners want to work in Sickipoora and assures all will be accepted.

    this is great, let the dog bites the dog so that end of the day consumers can pay less for more.
  9. Gluttony

    CNY eve used to be a holiday for tiongs but now no more.

    Just when I think those CCP gangsters, hooligans or bandits cannot go any lower, they surprised me! :biggrin:
  10. Gluttony

    Man is pregnant and sought second opinion with doctor

    Sound very much like Tony Chat.
  11. Gluttony

    Tiong civil servants will be punished if they fuck with condoms.

    fuck the Chink Communist! fuck them all! :FU:
  12. Gluttony

    [Video] -Spain : passerby gropes chiobu reporter's ass on live TV, kena arrested

    Because your paid for the "underground service".