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  1. Lentor

    Three students charged for robbing 52-year-old cleaner

    when no race is mentioned,one can easily guess who are the robbers.last time they used dark komplexion,now they totally leave it blank. if it's a cina,the cina race will be mentioned.
  2. Lentor

    Snatch thief targeted pregnant women

    I was there when they ambushed him. A MALAY man was caught. I heard in one incident he tried to kick the pregnant chinese lady. Please hang these scums.
  3. Lentor

    Plight of Detained Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Detained In Malaysia

    Crazy bunch of ppl. The world will be a better place without them. A peaceful religion...MY ASS!
  4. Lentor

    ******Is she a chiobu? (GVGT)******

    she looks sad from the start. i don't mind to lend my dick for her to suck on and pacify her.
  5. Lentor

    REJECTED because of MIX PATEN

    other than in defense, in singapore and any public sector, they can get the job. can you say the same for minority chinese or indians in malaysia?
  6. Lentor

    REJECTED because of MIX PATEN

    i am thankful that our great leader LKY did the right thing and got us kicked out from the malaysia, if not we will need to slog like a cow and pay income taxes just to feed those useless mats and treated like 3rd class citizens there.
  7. Lentor

    REJECTED because of MIX PATEN

    allahu akbar! same as malaysia,in singapore all the stat boards jobs goes to m&d also.
  8. Lentor

    Outrageous! Christian went to SGH to convert Taoist patients!!

    not much of a difference from the 'cult' that i was in previously. luckily i managed to escape from it unscathed else i would already being a deadman in some middle east countries and likely malaysia/indonesia too. too much of over zealous and crazy people in that 'cult'. sometimes i wonder...
  9. Lentor

    3 arrested for robbing taxi driver

    3 teens after high on drugs decide to rob a cabby. as usual, dark komplexion. SINGAPORE: Police have arrested three suspects for robbing a taxi driver. Two of them are female teens, aged 14 and 17 while one is a 20-year-old man. Police said the incident allegedly happened at about...
  10. Lentor

    Man found murdered in Ang Mo Kio park

    18yr old teen no money buy drugs have to resort to killing a uncle.as usual dark komplexion. SINGAPORE: A man was found murdered in Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West on Saturday morning. A teenager was arrested hours later in connection with the case. Police said they received a call of an...
  11. Lentor

    Serial snatch thief arrested

    babi needs $ to buy drug
  12. Lentor

    Elderly man robbed

    as usual, must be a babi
  13. Lentor

    10 useless babi robbed chinese man.

    SINGAPORE - 10 male youths aged between 12 and 20 were arrested under suspicion of being involved in a gang robbery which took place at Block 20, Jalan Membina early this morning. The police received a call from a 36-year-old Chinese man at 4am, saying that he had been robbed by a group of...
  14. Lentor

    No More Free Bus Ride to Sentosa in Heartlands

    i am one of those loser taking the free rides. :)
  15. Lentor

    Burning Quran endangers US Troop - Obama Govt

    the crusades are to stop the moslems from expanding their ottoman empire into europe. this shows how much hatred and violence from this group of people when Mr Jones announced the koran burning day. when they detonated other religions' statues in afghan, i don't see such hatred and violence...
  16. Lentor

    Toddler Needs 200 Stitches After Dog Attack

    that is, if the man is his master.
  17. Lentor

    Even the Indigenous people are migrating..

    the chinks and nehs have been leaving matland all along.
  18. Lentor

    Isn't this wonderful?

    did your jihadist blew themselves up as well in this operation?
  19. Lentor

    Man plunges to death

    Re: Intruder falls to death the dark komplexion strikes again. this time sama sama hit the ground like previous dark komplexion!
  20. Lentor

    Black man trying to bully a 67 yr old ex navy seals

    what's new? same like those mats here, nothing but trouble makers and got themselves whacked in the end.