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  1. Cravex

    [Sg] - PAP MPs should be treated with respect : Indranee Rajah

    Respect must be earned, thus what is so special about Pee and Poo MPs?
  2. Cravex

    Chitchat Putin the Great flies Russian Bomber! Ah Loong got such balls?

  3. Cravex

    [Sg] - Tenant accuses landlord of barging into her room while she's naked

    Got picture of the tenant? And if pretty I can consider renting her one of my room.
  4. Cravex

    [Sg video] - See how many customers at Taiwan night market at cineleisure

    The smart one will book a flight and go straight to TW for all these. :whistling:
  5. Cravex

    Huat ah! 3rd world chennai dbs bank went fown for hours! Taxi driver no earnings!

    Best of the best... no disruption then we have to be worried.
  6. Cravex

    [Photo] - The ATB who sparred with big-breasts SPF IO turns out to be slim-slim chiobu with nice breasts herself!

    This ATB sibeh best, she thinks she is still in the land of Commie? Fucking uneducated and gangster behavior, just like its Commie government, machiam the whole world must bow to them, damn stupid and disgraceful. :FU:
  7. Cravex

    Why Wang Lei Might be in Big Trouble Now

    Mr KNN of SInkieland