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  1. cockie

    Man dies after exercising while hanging by his neck in China

    Stupidity have no medicine
  2. cockie

    Cabby who was once MNC manager with master’s degree says he’s now happier being a cabby

    Question to ask: do he become a taxi driver by choice? I would reckon that he should be retrenched and than go and drive taxi… so now as a taxi driver of cos try to justify himself on his choice… Hypothetically, if today got an MNC offer him a job and paid him accordingly. Will he still said...
  3. cockie

    UN envoy says world can't ignore Sudan's 'silent war'

    Just stop giving aids to them… stop funding them… the war will stop eventually.. I don’t understand why UN so busy body? The people in the same country want to kill each others than let the be… the world don’t need stupid people who can’t differentiate and can’t think for themselves
  4. cockie

    u think this kind of pap chenghu statistics is accurate? fucking hell

    What a joke? Now a bowl of Ba Chu Mee cost $6.00 at Kovan Hawker Centre. From $5.00 which is prior to GST increase… that is $1 increase which is by an 20%
  5. cockie

    17may2024 #SKP4560H bmw 316 cut off and block cyclist

    Give the BMW driver a tiger….
  6. cockie

    lawyer nicolette tan shi-en charged with harassment

    Look like the female version of Hossan Leong
  7. cockie

    A Sinkie non-virgin Bitch and her expectations on Reddit

    KNN… husband she ownself choose one what… asked her to ownself check ownself lah
  8. cockie

    Chitchat Lao Chio Amy Yip shares her Softporn Sexperience! Samsters got steamed?

    Without showing her BIG Neh Neh than what is the attraction?
  9. cockie

    [Matland] - Malays boycott Michelle Yeoh and many other celebs for not speaking out against Israel

    From an economics standpoint, the more stupid and extreme this kumgongkias is… is bad for Malaysia stability in term of politics and economic growth. But is a good thing for Singapore.
  10. cockie

    Chitchat Low SES SPG smuggles Sleeping Drug to Boyfriend in Changi Prison

    Did all the fats of her got no way to go and grow that the fats all being pump into her oily ? Cos I think she is brain dead to do such a stupid thing
  11. cockie

    Kee Chiu's next step

    He will just need to wait… GKY is 65, HSK is 63….. both of them most likely take one more election and be DPM for 5 years… after the 5 years term, both CCS and OYK still get chance to be DPM unless LW play balls and promote the younger generation like Desmond Lee generation
  12. cockie

    Soh Rui Yong very buay song Slutty Jin

    Better than licking HC one right? Don’t know what colour would the lip turn into for licking HC.
  13. cockie

    this kind of woman 可以吗?

    Bitch… if you want to be fuck just fucking say it… KNN.. slut into a vargin suite.
  14. cockie

    Allah, Jesus and Buddha bless Gan Kim Yong. He snatched DPM position effortlessly

    GKY is LW COVID task group kaki…. Of cos Kaki must take care Kaki mah….
  15. cockie

    [Sg] - 4 teenage gangsters, 13 to 18, not afraid of police when arrested for carrying karambit knives & criminal intimidation in Sengkang

    Ha ha ha …. Might as well just drop them in to Changi Chalet and save the air ticket money.
  16. cockie

    [Sg video] - LHL laughs at the possibility of Pritam Singh and the Oppies forming the next Sg Govt

    IMHO… I think the winning percentages of Pappies will dip as the demographic of the voters are slightly different from the last election. With P.S carrying the charges lay down on him due to Ramesh Khan incident, he might not be able to stand election and not forgetting Nicole Seah incident...
  17. cockie

    Serious Li Shengwu now a Full Professor at Harvard University.

    Paratrooper order by daddy….
  18. cockie

    Serious Li Shengwu now a Full Professor at Harvard University.

    He would need to give up his passport… cos passport see to be renew and he cannot get his passport renew… and he cannot come back to SG unless he choose to go to Changi holiday chalet due to his uncle who charge him in court.
  19. cockie

    A Singaporean’s struggle in home country: Job insecurity and foreign preference in the workforce

    PMET jobs for FT and blue collar jobs for Singaporean…. The true facts in SG employment market. Screw the 70% that support this policy via the current government