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  1. Leckmichamarsch

    South Korea president wife Dior bag scandal

    Vikram wife carries 18k Burkin No priblem
  2. Leckmichamarsch

    Chitchat Great Speech by Donald Trump at Iowa for 2024 Presidential Erections!

    Hell no mooselims are badies Only dead mooseliims allowed in
  3. Leckmichamarsch

    Yang tio summons in UK liao

    Head he loses Tail they win Come back get arrested 8n airport. How to atrend court? Din attend judgement in default
  4. Leckmichamarsch

    Syed favorite dish is (hui) Lanzhou la mian???

    D Dotter lifts your sarong n fucks you stone
  5. Leckmichamarsch

    Temasek lost 38.2 Billion from Mar to May 2023

    As serious as caMelfucking
  6. Leckmichamarsch

    CECA fucked up Singtel. Major losses.

    Much more than gambling...*wink wink*
  7. Leckmichamarsch

    Tan Kin Lian support thread

    I GArages cheating